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  1. agentEhrman

    GROSS, Butter Scotch Beer!

    I got the dreaded butter/butter scotch flavor in my first Lager (Marzen). Fermentation took off and was done in less than a week with the saflager 34/70 sitting right at 50 degrees. After two weeks in the primary, I wanted to pitch a dopplebock on top of the built up yeast cake. I took the...
  2. agentEhrman

    Anyone Use Pur Java?

    I just noticed this product at my local grocery store. Since I'm not a coffee drinker, it may be old news to some. But it's the first I've seen of it... It practically jumped off the shelf at me and poured itself into my next stout. :rockin: Anyways...
  3. agentEhrman

    HELP -- Wrong metal used to weigh down my dry hop bag in fermenter!

    Okay, so while this isn't the first time I have been scared that I ruined a beer, this is something that I HAVE to ask about. I got some whole hops due to availability instead of my normal pellet purchase. I decided to use a hop bag for both the boil and dry hopping. I found a bunch of...
  4. agentEhrman

    What's wrong with my palate???

    For a few months now, I have been noticing that I just can't find an IPA that's good enough. It seems none of them have a floral aroma anymore, the citrus is muted if detectable, and even the bittering seems off. I have been drinking tons of IPAs for a couple of years now at least, could I...
  5. agentEhrman

    Re-pitch after cold crash???

    Can I re-pitch onto a cake that I just cold crashed? I have a perfect opportunity but I just transferred after cold crashing and the cake/fermenter are approx 50 degrees... I need to start rehydrating soon if I can't do this!!!!! Thanks!!
  6. agentEhrman

    Chilling time

    At what point in time is chilling before pitching taking too long? Is there a general rule of thumb, like "chill within 30 minutes or less for the best beer"? I keep reading about people who are able to get their wort chilled in 20 minutes. I know that the quicker the better, but I can't...
  7. agentEhrman

    Quick ?, does it hurt to mash for 90-120 minutes?

    I am getting ready to mash in, and then leave for at least an hour and a half. Can there be any negative effects to doing this? I could easily be gone for 2 hours. I'm still new to AG and appreciate any quick responses, as I will be mashing in in about ten minutes, and plan to leave...
  8. agentEhrman

    Best Grain Mill??

    This morning I went down to start crushing grains to find that my corona style mill was broken. After a short talk with SWMBO, it apparently fell over off the bench it was on when she was putting empty bottles on the same bench.:( Needless to say, she feels terrible and wants to buy me a new...
  9. agentEhrman

    IPA Recipe Check Needed

    I 'm planning to brew up an IPA targeting a good piney flavor and aroma. I would like some input on the recipe I have so far, especially the hop schedule. I have been brewing my IPAs with an addition around 30 minutes for flavoring, but it seems like most here would skip that and add those...
  10. agentEhrman

    What are my chances of infection here??

    I made my first batch of cider two days ago using Brandon O's Graff recipe here. I was very excited to see a very intense fermentation this morning just before I was picked up for work. I was just about to change out the airlock for a blow off tube, when my ride rang the door bell. I had just...
  11. agentEhrman

    Why am I still getting milky first pulls???

    I kegged my scottish ale about 3 weeks ago and there seems to be a never ending amount of sediment drawing up through the spout. I've pulled a dozen or so full beers off over the past 10 days approximately, and they all come out exactly the same. The first ounce or so comes out very clear...
  12. agentEhrman

    Kegerator. Build it, or buy it?

    I recently decided that I was going to build my own kegerator. After looking into the cost of everything, I started to wonder if it's really even much of a money saver to build your own. I've even got a line on a possible free freezer and the numbers still aren't that great. Here's what's on...
  13. agentEhrman

    Keezer with Tower mounted on top, ?

    Can I make my keezer with a tower installed in the top through the door? I would like to do this, but it seems like every picture and tutorial i find involves making a "collar." I would prefer to keep this easy, and have the look of the tall tower without building the top up with wood or...
  14. agentEhrman

    Expanding to multi regulator stetup, needing help putting it together.

    Hey, I'm new to kegging and I am trying to expand my current gas setup to include a 3rd keg. I currently have a 2 regulator system, with a "t" splitter driving two kegs. I gave it much thought, and since I prefer to force carb in the keg, I want to have a regulator for each keg so I can crank...
  15. agentEhrman

    Conversion help needed

    Well, after 60 minutes of a steady 151 degrees, 15# of 2 row, and a half # of crystal 60 I just don't have the conversion that I should. All that grain is in about 3-3.5 gallons of water. The water is still a little hazy, and a refractometer reading came in at 1.030. I am planning to let it...
  16. agentEhrman

    It's hard to RDWHAHB when ..

    Today, I used my home made chiller for the first time. It was also my first AG batch, my first full boil, and my first time whirlpooling. To start things off, I have been having issues with efficiency with my partail mashes. Today was no different. I mashed in at 156, and very slowly...
  17. agentEhrman

    Mashing Questions

    OK, so I'm a little confused here. I am learning about mashing and there are some things I'm not clear on. I understand that some grains can convert starches to sugars, and others can't. I also understand that you can use grains with higher diastic power to convert those that cannot convert...
  18. agentEhrman

    Adjusting for age/storage of hop pellets?

    OK, so I plan to brew up an expensive batch of imperial stout tomorrow. I have the recipe all planned out, as well as all my ingredients.. well, almost all of my ingredients. I'm missing my bittering hops, which is 1oz nugget. I have some warrior and I am thinking that they would be a...
  19. agentEhrman

    Campden mistake, should I be re-pitching?

    On Thursday I brewed up a pale ale, and I treated the tap water with 1/4 a tablet of campden. I crushed it up and evenly distributed it between the boil water which was 4 gallons, and the top off water of 1.5 gallons. With the boil water, I just dumped the powder into the brew kettle and...
  20. agentEhrman

    Should I be expecting some bottle bombs?

    I had a bottling debacle yesterday and I'm not sure what to expect. While trying to get the beer transferred into the bottling bucket, coriander kept clogging my auto siphon. I got to the point where air kept getting in the lines, as well as the the sediment had been stirred up quite a bit...