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  1. summersolstice

    Rookie mistake

    I wonder about the wisdom of admitting such a mistake in an open forum but I deserve the criticism. I made a batch of light Belgian golden ale last night and everything went smoothly. I quickly cooled down the wort and pitched it on top of a yeast cake from a Tripel I had just racked to the...
  2. summersolstice

    anonymous grapes

    A friend dropped over several pounds of frozen locally grown, backyard anonymous red and white grapes (seeded grapes - likely Concord and Niagara) on Sunday. His friend was cleaning out the freezer to make room for a half a beef. I placed them into two different primaries, adding some of my own...
  3. summersolstice

    A mead sampler

    Here's a sampling of a few commercial meads entered in the Mazer Cup International in Boulder this year. Remember these are just a few of the 170 commercial entries. Enjoy!
  4. summersolstice

    In Boulder for the MCI competition

    I arrived in Boulder ysterday for the Mazer Cup International competition. We'd intitially planned to judge the commercial entries today - Friday - and the home entries on Saturday. Well, we can handle judging the 150+ commercial entries fine today but with 250+ home entries we decided to get a...
  5. summersolstice


    Never posted here before but no work tomorrow and this E&J XO is kicking my ass tonight>
  6. summersolstice

    Help wanted the Denver/Boulder area on March 26 and 27. Would you like to know more about mead, meet and discuss mead with people who make mead for a living, and taste the best commercial mead available on the market? The Mazer Cup International staff is looking for a handful of volunteers. We're...
  7. summersolstice

    Shuffle board - poor man's curling

    Does anyone play barroom shuffleboard? It may not be curling but it's a great way to waste an evening.
  8. summersolstice

    Paired Mead Tasting

    The 2010 Mazer Cup International event committee is pleased and excited to announce the first MCI Winners Circle Paired Mead Tasting Online ticket sales will begin on 02/14/2010 at This public tasting will be held on Friday, March 26, 2010...
  9. summersolstice

    Rabbit's foot meadery pro-am braggot contest

    The Mazer Cup International and Rabbit's Foot Meadery are proud to announce THE 2010 MCI - RABBIT'S FOOT MEADERY PRO-AM BRAGGOT CONTEST The Rabbit’s Foot Meadery Pro-AM Braggot contest is the first ever, Mazer Cup International special competition. It is intended to bring home and...
  10. summersolstice

    Low temperature primary

    I've read quite a few posts where people are concerned about wintertime wine and mead making. Most of the dry yeasts I use actually do quite well at lower temperatures. Here's a photo of two meads, a traditional Blackberry Blossom Mead made with K!V 1116 (SG 1.120) on the left and a coffee mead...
  11. summersolstice

    Mazer Cup call for entries

    The Mazer Cup International 2010 - Mead Only Competition - Call for Entries The Mazer Cup International 2010 - March 26 & 27, 2010, Boulder, Colorado The Mazer Cup International is a BJCP & AHA sanctioned mead-only competition open to all home meadmakers. After a tremendously successful...
  12. summersolstice

    Sourwood honey

    I received 4 lbs of Sourwood honey from Mountain Honey in Georgia for Christmas as a gift. Mountain Honey's Sourwood honey has won several international awards, including a Best in the World" award in Dublin, Ireland, at the 39th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress. Upon receiving...
  13. summersolstice

    Mazer Cup International

    The MAZER CUP, was started by Ken Schramm, Dan McConnell and Mike O'Brien and quickly became the de-facto standard for mead competitions in North America and set the standard for all of the mead-only competitions that followed. March 15, 2010 is the last day to have your entry accepted into the...
  14. summersolstice

    Merry Christmas

    Early Christmas Eve mass, home made sparkling blueberry/pomegranate mead (and did I say mead?), A Christmas Story marathon on TBS, and slow roasted pork shoulder in the oven overnight = a summersolstice family Christmas! I hope yours is as nice as mine!!
  15. summersolstice

    Young vegetable soup

    I just tried some vegetable soup immediately after putting in the veggies and it tastes like raw carrots and potatoes. Is it supposed to taste this way? Will it get better with age?
  16. summersolstice

    Alexander's Sun Country Concentrates

    I found a case of Alexander's Vino Rosso on my front porch when I came home from lunch The Fedex guy must have just left it because it was 12F outside and the concentrate wasn't frozen. This is the second year in a row I've received a case of Alexander's from California Concentrates for my...
  17. summersolstice

    Raspberry Chocolate

    I bottled my Raspberry Chocolate Port-style wine last week that had been aging in the secondary for the past 13 months. I had my first taste while I was bottling the three gallon batch in 375 ml bottles. I made a batch of Orange Chocolate Port-style wine a couple of years ago and I thought...
  18. summersolstice

    Thanksgiving mead choice

    It took 15 minutes, but I finally dug deep enough through my stash and found my last bottle of Sweet Potato Pie Mead. We had it last year for Thanksgiving and what a great choice with turkey and stuffing! I always hate drinking the last bottle but that's what I get for making a single gallon...
  19. summersolstice

    Inventory reduction

    I had an Autumn mead celebration last night with a few friends, mostly members of our brew club. I've been accumulating a lot of mead and, unlike King Midas, I figured I couldn't take it with me so why not share it with those who appreciate it? About 10 of us had 18 bottles of 15 different meads...
  20. summersolstice

    Wine kit sale

    For those of you who always wanted to try a wine kit, or for those looking to make another, Wine Making Warehouse is having a sale of all Mosti Mondiale wine kits with 35% off and free shipping. I ordered one over the weekend and it delivered today, halfway across the country. I've never tried...