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  1. McGarnigle

    Mr Beer bread mixes

    I'll confess I'm not at all in the market for these to begin with (don't use Mr Beer, don't use bread mixes), but for the love of god, $10 for a mix to make one loaf of jalapeno bread (beer, milk, butter, eggs and cheese not included)! Who buys this stuff...
  2. McGarnigle

    AHS Sessions kits, mini mash

    Has anyone here tried an Austin Homebrew Supply Sessions kits, mini-mash style? The web pages list the fermentables like this: Fermentable Sugars: Extract: 4 lbs dried malt extract, 1 lb specialty grains, maltodextrin. Mini-Mash: 3 lbs dried malt extract, 1 lb specialty grains...