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  1. T-Hops

    Another Control Panel wiring question

    The manual switchs are a saftey feature. You can switch off the power being supplied to an element no matter what the PID wants. Adjusting a PID takes a little time. If you have a boil over you can manually switch off power to that element to stop the boil over. You can also be pretty confident...
  2. T-Hops

    Natural Gas or Electric for Indoor brewing

    If you are using the element from post #11, I used number 10 wire. Number 10 is rated for 30 amps. That element will draw approx 23 to 25 amps (240V to 220V). The SSRs that I have have screw down clamps on them. I used SOOW cord and put on crimp connectors.
  3. T-Hops

    Natural Gas or Electric for Indoor brewing

    I did not get mine from there, but that is the exact element I have in mine.
  4. T-Hops

    shirron chiller hot break

    Try one of these. I use a counterflow chiller so it would be a little different than what I do. The last 20 min. of the boil I recirculate thru my counter flow and into one of these...
  5. T-Hops

    Oops... one inch hole for weldless fitting

    +1 I have used the same HD bi-metal hole saws. Have cut multiple holes with the same saw.
  6. T-Hops

    best place to buy false bottom for 10gal igloo mlt

    I use a false bottom from Midwest in my 10 gallon cooler. Works great.
  7. T-Hops

    Anyone with "Brew Belt" experience?

    You are welcome. Good luck on your lager fermenations.
  8. T-Hops

    Anyone with "Brew Belt" experience?

    Your idea is sound, but I would recommend using this instead of the brew belt. I would also recommend using a temp controller to control the carboy heater. Happy fementations.
  9. T-Hops

    Heating element not fitting

    +1 Most of us are doing the weldless thing. We need the o-ring to make the seal. If you have a welded 1/2 coupling you should not need the o-ring. Put on some teflon tape and give it a water test.
  10. T-Hops

    10 gallon Gott cooler conversion - a couple questions after the fact

    I would also suggest losing the zinc plated washer. If you need a washer, ask (hardware store, HD, Lowes, etc...) someone for a brass washer. You may have to enlarge the hole, but I have had some lucking finding them.
  11. T-Hops

    question about soldering

    I have also soldered two copper pipes running side by side together without any problems. As previously said, you must sand well, flux then solder. Without sanding and flux it will not stick.
  12. T-Hops

    Splitting White Labs vial between batches

    The first thing that comes to mind is this is a sour blend. I don't think I have ever heard anyone recommend building up a yeast pitch from a small amount when it is a blend. That said, I have never done it and am only speaking second hand information. Good luck what ever you do.
  13. T-Hops

    3 weeks - still fermenting?

    Take a gravity reading or wait it out, but don't bottle until it is finished.
  14. T-Hops

    US-05 Finished way too dry

    I use US-05 alot. Without using any simple sugars my typical finial gravity on 1.050 - 1.060 OG beers is around 1.008. I think getting a 1.007 FG after adding 4% honey is right in the ball park.
  15. T-Hops

    DIY temp controller build

    What ever the output of your transformer is.
  16. T-Hops

    Bending an electric water heater heating element???

    I do not remember the brand as it has been a year or so back. I bought it at my local hardware store. I think it was like $28.00. I will stop by and get the band name of them tomarrow. I did not make any major bends in mine, I just opend the current bends up some.
  17. T-Hops

    Bending an electric water heater heating element???

    I have also bent my heating element. It is a Ripple 5500w ULW. So I would have to agree with 95747brewer that some can be bent.
  18. T-Hops

    I bought my first 50# bag of base malt today

    I guess I should reconsider the malt prices I pay. I always thought the price were ridiculous. I live within 1 hour of Midwest and Northern Brewer. I work in the same area that they are located so I can stop by when ever I need to. I also have a brew shop that sells me Briess 2 Row at $27.00 per...
  19. T-Hops

    Burner Question - KAB4

    I think you guys were looking at the design as the problem greenwood was having. I can tell you that it is not the problem. The original picture that was posted was my burner. It is an animal. Yes a taller wind screen would help, but the burner height is set well. Yes, this is the KAB4. I think...
  20. T-Hops

    Just ordered a carbonation stone. Carbonation in 20 minutes??? Any good?

    Stainless steel vs plastic, ceramic or wood, food grade, duarbility, stainless can be boiled to sanitize as porus materials are hard to sanitize using liquid sanitizers.