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  1. scsi

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Woo! Sign me up!
  2. scsi

    Iphone apps for home brewing?

    I have only used BrewPal, and I find it really handy. I can't bring myself to buy iBrewmaster at it's price without a few more screenshots. BrewPal is kinda buggy tho. And I haven't seen an update to it yet.
  3. scsi

    Hops in Planters - Austin, TX

    Subscribed. I've been wanting to grow my own, but... well, haven't gotten around to it yet. Cant wait to see how yours turn out!
  4. scsi

    Using Wyeast 1010 cold (55-58F)

    I'm planning on making a wheat ale using Wyeast 1010, but my fermentation chamber is set at 54 right now, and my house can get above 75 during the day... Which would be better? Under the low end of the temp range, or above the high end? Anyone had to do either?
  5. scsi

    Home Brewing Research Project – Short Survey (chance to win FREE beer!)

    Done! I'm very curious about what exactly is being researched here. Definitely equipment oriented...
  6. scsi

    Moisture in Kegerator?

    I use a bucket of DampRid in my keezer, but I need to replace it now. I may have to get those eva-dry things, though! I was told that condensation is a sign of an air leak somewhere in the keezer. I went kinda crazy about that for a while, then realized there's no leak... I just can't stop...
  7. scsi

    Tighten the crap out of your fittings!

    Luckily for me, it was only about half the keg. That was all that spilled out, looks like a hair under 3 gallons. On the bright side, the Keezer smells delicious....?
  8. scsi

    Tighten the crap out of your fittings!

    Or... Don't tap kegs after you've been drinking. Unless you want that delicious Hefe you just tapped to flood your Keezer. *sob*
  9. scsi

    Kegged soda driving me crazy

    Well ok, maybe I'm just impatient. I took a few more pulls off of the new soda faucet today... The first second or so of the pour is foam, but then it cleans up pretty nicely. It's not perfect, but its much better now.
  10. scsi

    Kegged soda driving me crazy

    Well it was 30' when I had it on the unregulated perlick. Now it's 10' of vinyl type beer line from AHS (it's what I had on hand)... I guess I'll order some of the stuff you got and give it a shot. And just drink beer in the meantime ;)
  11. scsi

    Kegged soda driving me crazy

    yup, sure am. I have the built in regulator on the faucet almost all the way closed.... Maybe I need more line before this new faucet? So on the Perlick, I had this poly hose from mcmaster. The soda would turn to bubbles pretty quickly in that line. Later, I discovered I had ordered moisture...
  12. scsi

    Kegged soda driving me crazy

    Aaaand here is the pic ...
  13. scsi

    Kegged soda driving me crazy

    Sometime in January, I mixed the syrup and water, put it on 35psi and shook the hel out of it for about half an hour... It's been sitting at 35F on 35psi since. I'm starting to think 35 is my unlucky number. This is the faucet I just installed today.... Pricey little bugger, all plastic too.
  14. scsi

    Kegged soda driving me crazy

    Ok so I've been trying to dispense dr pepper from a corny and failing at every turn. It's driving me crazy. I was using a Perlick to serve, with 30' of beer line at 35psi.... Still would lose it's carb as soon as it was dispensed. So I bought the soda faucet from CHI that has the built in...
  15. scsi

    Uppin' the Alc %

  16. scsi

    Uppin' the Alc %

    I've used the Alcohol Boost packs from Austin Homebrew a few times: Forrest explains why it's good: They did the job when I used them, I couldn't detect much of a flavor difference...
  17. scsi

    Thanks Austin Homebrew

    I've had nothing but awesome experiences with AHS. I stop there once a week at least (it's on my way home from work... sort of). The guys in the shop are great to work with. I can't say enough great things about them.
  18. scsi

    Starsan as dish detergent?

    Oy, bad memories of when I added dish soap ... come on, dish soap, dish washer.. makes sense, right??? :drunk:
  19. scsi

    To all Central Texas fans of Real Ale Brewing...

    I wish I could go, but even on the motorcycle I couldn't make it in time.
  20. scsi

    Fermentation Temp?

    You know, this is something I've been wondering about as well. My current primary is using WLP013, which has an optimum range of 66-71°F, so I'll use that as an example. Would best practice be to set the chamber to say 68°F, right in the middle of the range, or to set it lower, say 66°F, to...