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  1. CBelli

    star san precipitates white sludge

    Does anyone else notice a white material that precipitates out of star san over 3-4 days? I have a plastic bowl that sits in 1/2 of my double bar sink... I generally fill it with star san on kegging day to hold all the little bits that I use in my pressure transfer. After a few days I...
  2. CBelli

    New use for a Gravity Sample Tube

    This is in no was a groundbreaking idea but I thought I would share anyway. I was in my basement weighing out some dry hops today. Generally I weigh them in a plastic Solo cup, but today I ran out. I was looking around for something to weigh them in thinking I'd just use a pint glass, but...
  3. CBelli

    Sales all the time!!!

    I must assume that the HBS community must be in a real financial slowdown. The amount of email offers I get daily is crazy Every day I get dozens of emails with great special offers... 30% off storewide 20% off any single item Free shipping Then I get the ones that make me scratch my...
  4. CBelli

    Nitrogen or Beer Gas???

    I want to add nitro to my system.... recently had weight loss surgery and can tolerate beer on nitro much better than co2.... my question is if I want to use this to carb as well as serve what should I get... Nitrogen or beergas/mix?? I know nothing about this any pointers would be welcome
  5. CBelli

    Hydro Flask causing off flavor

    I have used Hydro Flasks for a couple years now, but infrequently... Recently I've noticed I have been getting an odd flavor from beer poured from them? Almost a metallic taste... and it's not an off flavor in the beer because directly from the tap it is not there... I have cleaned it...
  6. CBelli

    "Toro Toro Toro" Lawnmower Pale Ale

    I have recently (12 months) been playing with a low gravity recipe for a hop forward beer ... I find myself not enjoying bitterness in my beer as much as I used to and have been focusing on hop flavor and aroma. I find a traditional bittering charge hides the flavors of the hops in my pale...
  7. CBelli

    SS BrewTech Mash Tun

    First let me make it clear, I am not affiliated with this company in any way. Normally I don't get excited about equipment, probably because I pretty much DIY everything in my brewery. But I recently went out on a limb and pre-ordered the SS BrewTech new stainless mash tun. It was a large...
  8. CBelli

    New China Mini Regulator

    So I saw this mini regulator on amazon a few weeks ago. It is a china knockoff of the Leland mini regulator. I have always wanted the Leland because it is the perfect gadget for portable cornies at parties. Unlike the $20 trigger models that are everywhere this has a regulator built in. A...
  9. CBelli

    HopShot and Beersmith 2.2

    Anyone have any luck adding hopshot to beersmith? The hop extract is measured in ml while hops are measured in oz /gr not to mention the math involved in figuring ibu any help with this would be very welcome!
  10. CBelli

    Cascade Hop Oil

    I typically dry hop for 5-7 days and am happy with the results for the first 5-10 pints, but find that the aroma diminishes almost completely by the time I'm 25% into a keg. I am familiar with hop shots being used for bittering beer, and I have been curious lately if there was any product...
  11. CBelli

    White Labs Logo

    I just realized that the white labs logo has a beer bottle as part of the microscope... I can't believe I never noticed that before!!!
  12. CBelli

    My take on the Kegerator Tower cooler

    I have made the popular DIY tower cooler seen on HBT in the past using a computer fan, RadioShack box, hole saw, and pipe fittings and it works very well but I always thought there must be a better & cheaper way to do this. Recently purchased a 3D printer to feed my creative side and quickly...
  13. CBelli

    New Jersey Barley Crusher

    I have a 3 year old Barley Crusher that I just recently sent in for replacement of the roller assembly. I could not wait for replacement from BC so I upgraded to a Captain Crush. I just got the roller assembly back yesterday from the manufacturer and rather than repairing it they sent me...
  14. CBelli

    Barley Crusher stopped Feeding Grain

    So... I have had a barley chrusher for about 3-4 years now and use it around twice a month... Lately it stops feeding grain about 3 times every brew day... I end up poking the rollers through the grain in the hopper to get the grain to feed again... Yesterday it got to the point that it...
  15. CBelli

    New Jersey Simcoe Whole Leaf & Falconers flight pellet

    +++SOLD+++ Believe it or not... I bought more that I can use in November! I have 2 - 10 gallon meads that I'm doing this week and they will tie my ferm chamber up for 3 months.... Therefore I have some overstock of hops.... most have been grabbed up by my local HBC but I have 1 pound of...
  16. CBelli

    WLP 570 Golden

    I recently brewed a Tripple Belgian White with WLP570 and I think it turned out great.... but just a bit too much clove for my personal taste... fermented it day 1 - 68 day 2 -70 day 3 -72 day 4 -74 day 5 -76 day 6to13 -78 any suggestions on toning down the clove....
  17. CBelli

    New Jersey Extra Amarillo **

    I have a pound of 2011 hops that I did not get a chance to use... un-opened bags 100% freezer kept 2 - 1Pound Bags of Amarillo Pellet 2011 Peterburg Farm (Hops Direct) I really have no need for them and I know they are popular... $15 a bag plus $5 to cover shipping. Buy 1 or both PM...
  18. CBelli

    AHA style guide help

    I want to enter a Black I'm sure does many a home brewer in the AHA Nationals... but there is really no spot for it... is there?? Anyone have suggestions as to the style number/letter it belongs in??
  19. CBelli

    SUPER Easy LOVE TSS2 controller set-up

    I had the chance to replace my old ferm chamber buy a new larger one that holds 2 carboys so I grabbed it... but I couldn't figure out how to program the damn LOVE controller... The online help from LOVE was confusing and the threads on the subject confused me even more. So a buddy of mine...
  20. CBelli

    Style of burner...

    I'm going to be building a new burner stand out of unistrut to replace my Bayou Classic SP-10 I currently use a 15Gal Keggle as my boil kettle. I need advice as to the best propane burner to use for this project. I want it HOT but Quiter than the SP-10 any advice would be great!!