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  1. SeamusMac

    Intertap SS-8022 Faucets & Misc.

    Two SS-8022 Intertap faucets Growler Filler Stout Spout Shorter shank, fixed barb Longer shank, interchangeable barb (missing neoprene washer, about $1) 90* barb Some wear, haven't used them myself, need a bit of cleaning. $100 CAD picked-up in Windsor/Wolfville, NS, Canada or shipping...
  2. SeamusMac

    Soil and Site Amendment for Apple Trees

    Hey all, I have a parcel of land that I' like to start growing some cider apples on as it's no longer being use for hay. If I were buying land for this purpose , I certainly wouldn't have picked this spot but it's what I've been given so I'll just have to work at it. I'm unsure of the soil pH...
  3. SeamusMac

    Second Pressing Yield (SG)

    Hey guys, Wondering if anyone here has ever bothered doing a second pressing and what sort of results you're getting. Obviously the exact SG numbers of the second pressing are dependent on the sugar content of the apples but perhaps someone could throw down some percentages? I usually end...
  4. SeamusMac

    Aussie Brewers in Melbourne, Need Assistance!

    Hey all, I was wondering if there are any homebrewers in Melbourne that'd be willing to let me borrow their capper and bottling wand for a few days once my first batch is ready to bottle? I'm only in the city for a few months and hadn't planned to brew anything but a 30L fermenter found it's...
  5. SeamusMac

    LF: Extract Red Ale Recipe

    Hey all, I'd like to brew an extract recipe for a red ale next week and I need a proven recipe. If anyone has a tasty recipe for a red ale, please post it up! Prost!
  6. SeamusMac

    WTT/WTS: European Sankey adapter

    Hey all, I have a European aka 'S' Type Sankey Keg Coupler that I'd like to sell or trade for a 'D' Type coupler or 'D' Type Hand Pump. The coupler I have looks almost identical to the one pictured below, although it is missing the nipple from the "gas in" port. The coupler is in used...
  7. SeamusMac

    Homework Help!

    Hey all, I'm looking for 3 examples of progress traps from history. My understanding is that a progress trap is progress in a certain area that eventually leads to disaster or collapse. I know that description is fairly bland/generalized... so here's an example. When the cod fishing...
  8. SeamusMac

    Extract Belgian Witbier - for my first comp.

    Hey all, I'm going to be brewing my first Belgian-style Witbier for a competition being held by a local microbrewery and HBS. Here's my draft recipe that I've been working on, any comments on how I could improve the recipe would be greatly appreciated. Preboil: 4.5 gallons of water 0.1 pound...
  9. SeamusMac

    SPRING BREAK 2010 - Where to go along the way to NYC

    Possible destinations: Anywhere along the I-95 in ME, NH, MA, RI, CT and NY. Hey all, My buddies and I (3 of us) are looking to take a road trip into the Eastern United States for a week from February 19 to 26. I've never been to the States and we're not sure where to go in order to do the...
  10. SeamusMac

    I need an exploded view of a IMI Cornelius regulator

    Hey all, I got a pretty sweet deal from a guy who posted on Kijiji (like Craigslist for those of you who don't know), which included 6 ball-lock kegs and a dual body regulator for $100 Canadian - sweet! Anyways, the regulator needed some work so I replaced a few gauges and now I need to...
  11. SeamusMac

    Quick wine label for Christmas gifts

    Hey all, I just made a simple wine label to stick on the bottles, which I intend to give as Christmas gifts to most of my friends and family this year. Any ideas on how it could be improved? It'll be 2" wide and 5.25" tall. I don't want to add ABV to the label, FYI.
  12. SeamusMac

    50L Sanke Fermenter w/ Corny Lid

    Keeping up with the demand for relatively cheap and delicious Hefeweizen amongst my friends is becoming difficult so I've decided to take it upon myself to create a 50L capacity fermenter this Christmas break. Here's my inspiration. Using this monster will allow me to ferment two 19L...
  13. SeamusMac

    I actually WANT a cloudy cider..

    Hey guys, The cider mills here in Nova Scotia are starting to press some excellent blends of apples right now and I'm ready to make some hard cider! Memories that I have of cider involve a medium-brown cloudy drink that tastes sweet, but not too sweet like apple juice. I want to make this...
  14. SeamusMac

    Question: Cylinder pressure inside fridge?

    Hey guys, I've tested my system with the soapy water method and can't find any leaks but the pressure in my cylinder seems extremely low. It's a full 20lb. cylinder and overnight it chilled to about 40*F in the fridge. The pressure dropped to about 550 psi, which is just about the "order...
  15. SeamusMac

    First Ebay Buy 'n I Think I Got FooKED

    Hey guys, Naive brewer here... I won a bid on a Sankey tap from a guy in Port Clinton, OH on Sept. 23rd and erroneously paid for it through PayPal right away. I've been messaging the guy every other day since that day and still no reply... Have any of you been in similar situations? Can I...
  16. SeamusMac

    Cheap n' rusty CO2 cylinder

    I got a 20lb. CO2 cylinder and a regulator for $100 CDN, which is a pretty decent deal here! Although I took a risk when I bought this tank. It's due for hydro and I just dropped it off at the fire extinguisher place this evening. It has a fair amount of surface rust around the valve and on the...
  17. SeamusMac

    Brewing a Stout for University Friends

    Hey guys, My room mates have tasked me with the creation of a stout to fill up a vacant space in our keg fridge! Alas, I'm limiting myself to pre-hopped canned kits like Muntons and Coopers so please no extract suggestions... I'm not opposed to using specialty grains or extra hops and I'll...
  18. SeamusMac

    I need info from Sam C's Extreme Brewing!

    Hey all, I've lost my copy of Sam Calagione's book called Extreme Brewing and I'm in need of some information. I've have an Imperial Pale Ale extract recipe in secondary for nearly 3 months now and I'm ready to dry hop and bottle it. If anyone who sees this thread has the book could you...
  19. SeamusMac

    Worth the risk?

    Hey all, I'm committed to having kegged and naturally carbed my current batch of Bavarian Wheat in time for my birthday in 1 month. Summer classes have my budget stretched pretty thin but today I was thrown a bone, a refurbished corny-shaped bone that is. I can rely on friends for a cold...
  20. SeamusMac

    Infected IPA - An Opportunity in Disguise

    Hey all, I brewed up a 2.5 gallon batch of Sam Calagione's Imperial Pale Ale a couple of months back and it still remains in bulk aging. I had to move this beer a lot, 4 transfers to be exact and somewhere a long the way it picked up some unexpected guests. The infection looks similar to the...