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  1. alcibiades

    Robust Porter - Black Patent vs. Roasted Barley vs. Carafa III

    Hi All, its been about 8 years since I've brewed.....or posted anything. Glad to be back! I found the following recipe for a Robust Porter I eventually want to add coffee to: 5 Gallon batch 9# two Row 1# chocolate malt 1#crystal 40 8 oz flaked barley 4 oz black patent 1 oz roasted Barley 4 oz...
  2. alcibiades

    Temperature and Dry Hopping

    I know that temperature affects the aroma and flavor of dryhopping, but can a much lower temperature act as a way to prevent the "grassiness" of dry hopping for too long. For example, can I dry hop at 60 for two weeks, then "shut off" the dry hop by moving it to 32 degrees? in short, can...
  3. alcibiades

    Dont Put Dark Munich in an IPA!

    Put just 5 oz of Gambrinus Dark Munich in my 10 gallon batch of usually light IPA, figuring it would be like a pound of regular munich. It has a totally different flavor, and dominates with sickly sweetness. ruined 10 gallons of my favorite IPA recipe.
  4. alcibiades

    Uinta Brewing, Detour IIPA

    Wow, this is a 9.5% monster that is extremely well-hopped. Not too malty, big hop flavor, smack your face aroma. Comes in a corked 750ml as well. I just picked this up on a whim, having never heard of the brewery. Anybody else enjoy Uinta Brewing co.??
  5. alcibiades

    which hop for pale ale??

    I've got Willamete, Czech Saaz, and German Northern Brewer. Which one do I use for a light, but hop forward pale ale? I'd like to use just one hop type, but I'm open to whatever. Malt bill will be something like: 2 row, amber malt, crystal 10L. OG of 1.040-1.045 or so.
  6. alcibiades

    Adding crystal malt "tea" to finished beer?

    I've added a boiled hop tea to my finished under-hopped beer, in order to balance it out, and it worked awesome. I wonder if I could similarly adjust sweetness by adding a crystal malt tea (heated to above 180 after steeping to kill bacteria of course). Has anybody tried this?
  7. alcibiades

    How to use Amber Malt

    I've got a pound of Amber malt, but I'm not sure how to use it. Any suggestions? I'm thinking pale ale, but should I add crystal malt to the recipe? Does amber malt impart sweetness or roastiness?
  8. alcibiades

    Beer Advocate Grade Inflation

    Wayy too many people giving A grades on that site. If we are going to compete with the wine connoisseurs, I think there needs to be a bit more healthy discrimination between beers. What do you think?
  9. alcibiades

    Belgian Beer = Bologna?

    I have been drying to describe what belgian beer tastes like for years, and now I've finally found it. Last night, this non-beer drinking girl we were hanging out with tried a delirium tremens and immediately said "yuck, that tastes and smells like bologna!." I was amused at first, but then...
  10. alcibiades

    Beer Poem

    "Fill with mingled cream and amber, I will drain that glass again. Such hilarious visions clamber Through the chamber of my brain Quaintest thoughts- queerest fancies Come to life and fade away; What care I how time advances? I am drinking ale today." -Edgar Allen Poe
  11. alcibiades

    The Wonderful Shades of Beer

    I was at a pretty good beer bar in Arlington VA, Galaxy Hut, and I snapped this pic of our beers. This looked so much better in person...but you get the idea. The three beers are Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout, Green Flash IPA, and a Belgian-esque Golden Ale from a brewery I don't...
  12. alcibiades

    Commercial "Bottle Conditioned" Beers?

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Bell's Two Hearted are two that come to mind, they claim to be bottle conditioned, but the amount of residual yeast in the bottom is tiny...nothing compared to homebrew bottle conditioned beers. What is the deal? Note: The belgian bottle conditioned beers are the...
  13. alcibiades

    Faster Bottle Conditioning

    As I sit here, marinating in my hangover (aristocrat tequila? what was I thinking?), I wondered: Would lightly shaking my carb conditioning bottles speed up the process? My beers usually only take a week to carb, but another week to clean up diacetyl, would shaking the bottle allow the yeast...
  14. alcibiades

    Want to Trade: 3 better bottles for immersion chiller

    I'm looking to trade three 5 gallon better bottles (maybe used a few times each, plus some airlocks and stoppers), for a quality immersion chiller. I would prefer 50 foot 1/2 inch, but I'm willing to consider 50 foot 3/8 inch. I'd like it to have welded fittings where the water line hooks up...
  15. alcibiades

    adding Carafa III to an IPA

    what would 1 oz of carafa III do to an otherwise standard IPA? Would it simply make it darker, or would there by any flavor imparted?
  16. alcibiades

    FWH Experiment

    I'm going to put 10 oz total of equal parts whole leaf citra and amarillo as my only hop addition and its all going to be FWH. This is for a 10 gallon batch of IPA. My malt bill is aimed at being very light bodied with mostly pilsner and a pound of crystal 10. 90 minute boil. Probably brew...
  17. alcibiades

    How to Dry Hop With Leaf AND Muslin Bag?

    I'm tired of losing so much beer when I dry hop with whole leaf. Also, the last half gallon usually is a PITA to siphon through all those hops. I thought I could solve the problem, so here is what I did: I stuffed two ounces of leaf hops in a regular size grain/hop muslin bag, along with a shot...
  18. alcibiades

    Any good Sangria recipes?

    I know its not homebrew but....Making a vat of Sangria for tomorrow night, does anybody here have any special methods or ingredients? All the recipes I've found online don't specify wine type, what do you use?
  19. alcibiades

    What size chest freezer?

    I'm looking to fit two ale pails (6.5 gallons) into a chest freezer for fermentation. Does anybody here have this kind of set up? If so, what size, make and model are you using?
  20. alcibiades

    Most Floral Hop?

    I recently had a Samuel Smith's India Ale, and boy was it floral. I loved it. I know some european AND american varieties are considered floral (ie. amarillo), but which hop is the most floral?