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  1. Jon73

    Another, what should I brew next?, thread

    Brewing for about 4 years, I make a TON of ales, all different shapes and sizes, I've done a milk stout (turned out good), some porters (not so good), and I need some ideas for my next brew. I can only ferment at house temp (68-70).
  2. Jon73

    First homebrew competition... epic fail

    After brewing for a little over 3 years I finally decided I should enter a competition and get some honest feedback from people not standing in my garage drinking for free ;) Since I moved to kegging 6 months ago I kinda forgot some basic processes when it comes to bottling. I made my...
  3. Jon73

    Props to homebrew shops

    I have been brewing for about 4 years now and I have dealt with some pretty good suppliers and homebrew shops and I'd like to throw them out there for some recognition. My local supplier is Grains, Beans, and Things in Medford, Oregon. The owner, Bob, is a fountain of knowledge and is...
  4. Jon73

    Why won't my corny keg stay at one psi???

    I'm sure this is an old mystery, but I am kegging my second batch and when I set my psi to 9 and walk away, after a while it jumps to almost 50 psi. To be clear about this, I set my psi to 9, then hooked up the corny keg. I assumed by setting the volume first, it would be "set". I had this...
  5. Jon73

    Beer snobs bring shame to home brewers

    That is my opinion. I saw a couple of real DB snobs today at the local bottle shop today and I felt shame that others might lump all of us together in the same category. Perhaps that is shallow of me, but I do this because I love to create beer and am always striving to get better at my...
  6. Jon73

    Auber 4342 PID Rims for dummies

    I am posting this for anyone that has had issues with this controller and the RIMS for dummies thread found elsewhere on this website. I followed the rfd setup only to find out that the 4342 PID will not run a solid state relay. The only deviance from the original plans was that I used a 25...
  7. Jon73

    2 Keg Rims system

    I am designing a 2 keg rims system and I need some feedback. Essentially it involves heating water to strike temp in the bk/hlt, pumping it over to the mlt and recircing for an hour at mash temp. After one hour, pumping in "sparge" water and raising temp to ~168 for about 15 minutes. *Total...
  8. Jon73

    White wine storage temp.

    My wife is going to bottle her first batch of wine in a few weeks, it is a piesporter (sp?). The kit instructions say to store it for 3 months at temperatures under 60 once bottled. What are the effects if it is stored at roughly 66 degrees? (Light and humidity are not an issue) I may be...
  9. Jon73

    Wine kit secondary headspace

    My wife is making her very first wine kit. We just transferred it into a 6.5 gallon carboy for the secondary fermentation. The kit calls for roughly 20 days. I've read a bunch of different posts dealing with this, but they are in the secondary for months, not weeks. Do we need to either top...
  10. Jon73

    Beersmith 2.0 hop alpha variable

    I designed a couple recipes on BS using the stock alpha percentages. Now that I'm getting more familiar with the program I'm trying to personalize it a bit more and I'm wondering if there is a way to set the desired IBU's so that when you adjust the alpha the program will adjust the weight to...