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    Texas Kegerator and brewing equipment for sale

    Selling homebrew kergerator and all equipment. Kegerator - 4 taps - Chalkboard paint on front and right side. Drip trays 4 ball lock kegs 1 hookup for commercial keg 2 CO2 tanks Glass carboy Brew pot Burner Lots of other misc. items. Airlocks, caps, bottle capper, etc. $600 or...
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    Bottling bucket for seconardy?

    I have started kegging my brew. Anyone see any problems with using my bottling bucket as a secondary if i need one?
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    High OG Fruit Beer

    So my wife has requested that I make a fruit type beer. I want to try an accommodate her request since she is the one who got me started brewing and has been very supportive of my fast growing addiciton to homebrewing. So my thought was, if I am going to have a fruity beer sitting around...
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    There is still hope for your first batch

    So i am drinking my first batch right now and thought I would share a story to give help to the other beginners out there. I received the kit for xmas from the wife. Well she everything out and wrapped it individually so I had a **** ton to open. Because of this, I didn't know the recipe...
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    Dry Hop

    I have a black IPA that will be ready to dry hop next week. I want to brew another batch. Is there any reason i can't dry hop in my bottling bucket and bottle within a week of dry hopping? (from the same bucket) Am I missing something?
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    Let's get some action!

    Brewed sunday evening. Put it in my carboy, a little below my fill line. Check it this morning, and it was getting more action than I could only hope to get on a tuesday. Foaming out the top and what not. Should I let it be? is there anything I need to do?
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    I'm an Idiot

    brewed my second batch ever today (black IPA kit). All went well until i was adding water to the wort to get the appropriate OG. Well, being the smart individual I am, I didn't mix in the water enough and ended up adding to much. My OG was wayyy low! Flavor came out all right though. We...