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  1. HaNcOcK25

    Brewing a wheat beer with Brett??

    As anyone ever tried making a sour wheat brew? Can it be done? Will Brett ferment with that kind of brew?
  2. HaNcOcK25

    Oatmeal Stout!!

    Hey guys, I want to try something different with a oatmeal stout I just brewed! What should I age it with? I was thinking with some cherries I have been aging in jack Daniels! I like trying new stuff! Any other recommendations? Thanks again
  3. HaNcOcK25

    How long should I keep my IPA in the primary?

    Hey guys, I just brewed an IPA on New Years day (a week ago from today) How long should I keep it in the primary before moving it to the secondary? Should I use a car boy or another 5g bucket? Also, when should I dry hop it and how long for? I'm pretty new at this, any info will help! Thanks...
  4. HaNcOcK25

    Should I dry hop or not??

    Hello everyone! I'm pretty new at homebrewing and HB talk.. Just trying to get a little help on wether I should dry hop a "hoppy ipa" on new years day? If so, when and what should I dry hop it with? The hops I used were Galena, Liberty and Golding.... Me and my brother recently dry hopped a...