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  1. J

    Modified pale ale

    I got a pale ale extract kit as a present for christmas. Finally have a chance to brew this weekend. Looking for modify it somehow. I was to play around with lemon zest or some spices. Looking for some suggestions to make this a nice new beer
  2. J

    Oak Chips sanitation

    Brewing a 10 gallon batch of american wheat that is oak aged with merlot grapes. A friend has a winery and i can get a bunch of differet grape pressings each septment. I was transfering to the seconday last night and added the oak chips with out sanitizing. I know i should have steamed them...
  3. J

    Cornelius keg fermenter

    Does anyone ferment in the carnelius keg? I've got a few from the local Pepsi delivery guy and want to start fermenting in stainless. Midwest Homebrew sells a kit with a stainless ball lock. I wanted to find out if anyone is using them and if its worth the $25 for the set up...
  4. J

    Hop garden

    I started my own hop garden this year. Hopes grew better then expected for the first year. Even got a few ounces of cascade hops. Now its time to cut them back. I wanted to make sure i did it right. Should i just cut them back down to the base right above the soil?