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    Parting out keezer components

    July will mark the second year of my sobriety. It's time to let go of my keezer. I am parting out the following items. Located in Madison, WI but willing to ship. Buyer pays shipping. Will ship USPS flat rate. Here's what I have. Let me know what you want, make an offer. If someone wants...
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    Jack Keller's Carrot Whiskey

    I have started a batch of Jack Keller's Carrot Whiskey. I am curious if I have a stuck ferment, or if the gravity is so high due to the wheat that was added. By the time I added the water to the rest of the ingredients, it had cooled, so I believe I didn't get any ferment-able sugars from the...
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    Biab vs extract

    Could anyone comment on how long it would take to brew full boil extracts vs biab? A guy at my lhbs suggested extracts instead of biab.
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    Great Taste of the Midwest

    Anyone going to the Great Taste this year? Tickets go on sale this Sunday. You could always try your luck in the mail lottery on Monday if you can't wait in line.
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    CO2 Leak in Keezer

    I've had 2 CO2 tanks run empty. The first time I thought the tank wasn't filled properly. The second time I know it was full. I didn't even manage to go through 2 kegs between the 2 tanks. I am 99% certain there is a leak. I think I may be missing a washer on one of my CO2 lines. I...
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    BIAB Efficiency Calculation

    I am on my third BIAB batch. I am trying to fine tune my system, and improve my efficiency. I would like someone to confirm if I am calculating this properly. I brewed the following recipe: Coffee Bender Clone 9.5 Lbs Maris O. (added an additional 1 lb to compensate for lower efficiency...
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    Keezer cycle times

    Hi, I am curious as to how long my keezer should be cycling. I wired the ever popular STC-1000 temp controller. At first I measured air temp with 1 degree variance, it cycled in 20 minutes with the compressor running for 1.5 minutes. I read a bit, and decided it must be cycling too...
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    Wisconsin insulation (from keezer build) - Madison, WI - Free

    I have some insulation leftover from when I built my keezer. It didn't cost much but if someone wants it (free) it won't wind up in a landfill. I build a 12x1 inch collar on a 7.2 cubic foot kenmore keezer. The amount I have leftover is enough to do another freezer collar of a similar size or...
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    Disconnecting kegs with beer in them

    I was having people over tonight, so I rushed to get my keezer operational although it isn't finished. I realized I need to use cauk to attach the lid rather than just set it on top of the collar. I also need to add insulation, because I can feel the 1x12" collar's coldness to the touch...
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    Tapping my first keg, foaming a lot

    Setting up my keezer, I had 2 cornies filled at a local brewpub. I ran my lines. Apparently beer will come out of the keg without even hooking up co2, which hadn't occurred to me. I ran lines for 2 taps. The keezer is at 48 F. The first line was 7 feet long, I thought that was the...
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    CO2 Tank Bought Second Hand - Didn't Get Papers

    I purchased a co2 tank second hand. The guy who sold me the tank never gave me papers for it. I took it to get filled at the preferred shop in town, and they said they couldn't fill it without ownership papers because it was stamped by a welding company in town. They showed me two separate...
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    Attaching the keezer collar (kegging)

    So my keezer has been a slow build. A lot of thought goes into what I'm about to do, I get the parts. And then, eventually, I take a step to do what I set out to do. I have my temperature controller. I built the frame of my collar, and stained the outside of it. I cauked the joints. I...
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    First time kegging

    I picked up 5 ball lock cornys second hand. The first 2 were given to me, the other 3 I bought myself. When I was given the first two, they were empty, I didn't talk to the person that used them last. When I just recently purchased the other 3, the guy I bought them from had put some pressure...
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    CO2 Distributors

    Hi, In an effort to piece together a keezer as economically as possible, I am trying to find as much stuff as I can second hand. I recently purchased a tower of tappers, I got 7 taps for $115. I have found a guy selling some co2 distributors. I am thinking I will wind up with a 7 cf freezer...
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    Keezer - Incremental build?

    I was recently given two ball lock corny kegs. They have the disconnects as well as some tubing, a regulator, and a hose with a plastic tap on the end. I am debating how to do it, but I would like to build a keezer. I was thinking that it would not be that expensive...
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    reusing screw top bottles

    What is the consensus on reusing screw top bottles? I have tried reusing the screw tops and that seemed to have mixed results. I suspected that the wine from those bottles tasted different, hotter perhaps. The next time I thought about it I tried reusing the screw top bottles with corks. I...
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    Unknown Wet Hop Recipe

    So this is a shot in the dark, but my friend recently bought a house, and the previous owner was growing hops on a fence in her backyard. She offered to let me pick the hops, so I am going to do that tomorrow (sunday) morning. From what I have read, I should be using normal hops for bittering...
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    wort chiller with rubber hose melted

    I've only used my wort chiller once, but when I did I left the rubber hose on it when I put it into the wort. it is made it of twenty feet of cooper and some clear plastic house from home depot. The plastic started melting and I had to remove the clamps and take the house off. Could someone with...
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    biab water to grain calculator

    So from what I understand, efficiency depends on what the limiting factor is when brewing. For the best efficiency, you don't want to be limited by how much water you can biab with. My question is how do I know those limits? When is the amount of grain the limiting factor? I have a bayou classic...
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    First BIAB Attempt

    Last night my girlfriend and I did our first BIAB batch. I have done extracts before but never all grain. Needless to say the process leaves much room for improvement, but I thought I'd post about it and see if anyone has any suggestions. First off, I know I messed up because I can't remember...