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  1. gator777

    Should i or should i not

    Have an ale with a gravity of 1.040 after a OG of 1.075 it's an pumpkin ale at about 68f. I always pitch an safe us.05 yeast in the beginning and them two days later I use pitch again with a nutrient. But this time I'm wanting to use an energizer with the nutrient, just wanting thoughts thank you.
  2. gator777

    Not fermenting

    Brewed yesterday and still visible sing of airlock movement. It's been 24 hours.
  3. gator777


    Just wondering if anybody has filtered there beer or not if there is any advantages or disadvantages? Looks like there are advantages but don't really know. Thank you.
  4. gator777

    American pale ale

    I'm going to brew an American pale ale and using 2 oz cascade at the beginning of the boil and 1 oz of citra at 55 minutes. Have this beer it's great ,but I want a cleaner more crispy beer at the end Should i use more citra?
  5. gator777

    to much beer lmao

    brewed two 5 gallon batches of American pale ale can't get threw the first 5 gallons and the other five gallons are in the primary for almost two weeks. what to do aint no bud light for sure lmao
  6. gator777

    Killing the yeast

    Hey, I was wanting some input. I brewed an American pale ale and I have it in the second fermentor for one week after the primary of one week. A total of two weeks. I tasted it, and it has a bitter kinda vinegar taste. I'm wondering if this is a contaminated batch and if so my next batch should...
  7. gator777

    Induction top

    Has anyone tried or used this method on a 5 to 10 gallon boil? Just trying to weigh my options out.
  8. gator777

    Another fermintation question

    Got another newbie question. I did an American Pale Ale I added an extra pound of DME to it so instead of the calculated 1.051-1.055 I kept it at 1.070. Much higher. So I brewed last night no signs of fermenting until this afternoon. It's very slow compared the weizenbier. Should I let it ride...
  9. gator777

    When should i add corn sugar

    Got a question, I don't think it matters but I'm always low on my original gravity reading. So for a safe run I'm going to add corn sugar. When and is there a time to add my sugar at the end of my boil or middle or the beginning? Very appreciative for any inputs.
  10. gator777


    Last night I kegged for the first time and woke up this morning represurized my keg and my reading on my co2 tank said 0. It's giving me different readings.
  11. gator777

    Teflon tape

    My beer out port on my corney keg was leaking zoo put some Teflon tape around the threads it worked and stoped the leak knowing I need a new O ring for my stem is this ok using Teflon tape?
  12. gator777

    co2 regulators

    Is it possible to use a co2 regulator from like harbor freight used for welding to keg your beer? Instead of buying one from a brew store?
  13. gator777


    Is it possible to use a co2 regulator from like harbor freight used for welding to keg your beer? Instead of buying one from a brew store?
  14. gator777


    I did a kit 3 weeks ago and my SG was 1.045 and I did the same kit this past weekend and I got a 1.040 I used the same ingredients about the same time of brewing. The only thing I think I did different is I used a sock for my hops. And both times I took SG readings it was around 70 degrees. Just...