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    Ocean County NJ group buy

    Go to the new group buy post. Group buy #2
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    Ocean County NJ group buy

    Thomas Fawcett Torrified wheat is flaked wheat.
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    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Costco depends on location. For instance all the local locations around me only have bulk all purpose flour. The sams club bread flour works good for me. Keep an eye out on groupon for discount deals on sams club memberships that are almost free if you count the coupons for free stuff you get...
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    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    In my experience I always have to make slight adjustments to my dough depending on humidity in the air. I set aside 1 or 2 tablespoons of flour at the start and if the dough is to sticky slowly add flour until I get the right consistency. Once you make it a few times and get the end results...
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    storage and reheating

    If it were me I would pull the pork and slice the brisket before reheating. Trying to reheat it whole you may over cook it. I would put them in pans add a little water to the pork pan and a little beef stock to the brisket pan, then wrap it tight with foil. Reheat in the oven to desired temp.
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    Keeping the trub where it belongs!

    What kind of conical do you have? If you want to get rid of the trub before you pitch the yeast just let the wort sit in the conical for an hour. Then open and close the bottom drain for a second or 2 to clear out the trub that settled out.
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    Nugget dry hopping

    dry hop in the keg by putting the hops in a sanitized 1 gallon paint strainer bag tied off with a piece of dental floss. Pinch the dental floss in the seal of the lid when you close it up. You can add a stainless steel ball bearing or glass marble to the bag to weight it down.
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    Cloudy brown questions about dry hopping

    It could also be yeast and trub that settled out when the beer got cold. Every keg I fill the first couple pints are cloudy from everything that settled out at the bottom of the keg.
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    Large grain vac

    That will work. I use that process at work to empty large water softener tanks when I need to replace the material. It will also protect your shop vac by eliminating the possibility of getting grains in the motor.
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    Any Bacon Makers Here?

    Why not cook with it other then a breakfast side. I love wrapping a boneless chicken breast with bacon. season the breast with a little salt, pepper, chillie powder, and oregano. Wrap it with enough strips to completely cover it. Then bake it in a 375 oven uncovered until the chicken is done...
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    water cooler Refrigeration package uses?

    Most coolers I have worked on the coil is not submerged in the reservoir. Its wrapped around it. Some times it is soldered or braised in place. If you can get the reservoir separated from it you could submerge it in a cooler full of glycol. I have seen some units that you cant set it to its...
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    Broken threads and a leaky line

    Your going to need more then 4 wraps try 6 to 8 wraps. Does the fitting still thread on smooth? If it doesn't you may want to pick up a 1/2" die and chase the threads to clean them up. Harbor freight has a cheap set of taps and dies that works well for small projects.
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    Any Bacon Makers Here?

    Local Costco finally got pork bellies in stock. Grabbed a 9# one going to break it down and start curing it tomorrow.
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    The Home Made Pizza Thread

    Had some friends over on the 4th for pizza. The last 2 of 9 pies.
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    Ocean County NJ group buy

    I think there is still 6 bags left to fill the pallet. If you want a chance to get in post up what you want.
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    Cooling a Cold Storage Room

    If one of the walls is an outside wall of the shed why not just cut a hole and put a window unit in it. Plenty of people make walk in coolers this way using a coolbot to control the temp.
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    need fast (2 weeks) beer ideas

    I always hang it so if I don't drink it fast enough I can extract the bag. If I don't kick the keg in a week or 2 I pull the bag out. I don't weigh the bag i just let it float in the keg. What did you weight it with? I would imagine a couple sanitized glass marbles or ss ball bearings would...
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    Keg line cleaning problem

    I bought these they worked well for me when I made my pump recirculater. If you want to do all of them at the same time get some of these.
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    need fast (2 weeks) beer ideas

    Only thing I would suggest is skip dry hopping then kegging. Just take a paint strainer bag and soak it in some starsan. Put your hops in it and tie it off with a piece of dental floss that was dipped in some starsan. Dangle it in the keg pinching the dental floss in the lid. I do it all the...
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    HERMS Coil Help

    Ya stainless steel is a bear to bend by hand. It takes some muscle to get it started bending and kinks in a second if your not carful. When I bent my coil for my fermenter I kinked it twice but got lucky it was close to the end of the tubing so I could cut it off and start over. This might...