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    Blanching ingredients for secondary?

    Hey everyone. I'm working on an imperial pale ale, and was planning to dry hop it with an ounce of Amarillo pellets, as well as add in some orange zest and some coriander. I don't have any vodka handy, so I was hoping to perhaps steam the orange zest and coriander briefly to sanitize them. Will...
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    Toxic Question - Lead in Wort Chiller

    I've recently bought a nice 30qt stock pot, and had to modify my old double wort chiller (it was two coils I fashioned and connected with tubing). Now that I only need to use one kettle rather than two, I refashioned the two pieces of copper to be one unit. I used flux, solder and a coupling to...
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    Early Racking

    Hi everyone! I have a blueberry wheat that's in the primary and perking about once a minute. I was hoping to rack it even though it's still going at a visible rate. Are there any drawbacks to doing this? I would think that it might help because I'll get a nice CO2 cushion to prevent oxidizing my...
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    Food coloring in Secondary

    There's a few threads about food coloring, but none mention anything specific other than "a few drops". I'm looking to make a blueberry wheat beer. I'm using 6lbs 2-row, 4lb of white wheat, and a pound of flaked wheat. They've said that adding blue coloring to yellow beer will turn it green, but...
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    Fruit in mash?

    Hi everyone. I am planning on making a blueberry wheat this week. I've read numerous sites, some saying to put the blueberries in the mash, others only in the end of the boil, others not until the secondary. I am currently planning on putting about 4 pounds of fresh blueberries into the mash...
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    Working with flaked oats

    I'm going to be brewing an oatmeal stout in a couple days, but I remember reading somewhere that you can't put the oats in with the rest of the mash. Is this true? If so, should I just steep the oats after collecting the wort in the kettle?
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    Holiday Cinnamon Ale

    Hi everyone. I'd doing an all grain batch tomorrow using some 2-row, amarillo hops and the standard munton's ale yeast (kind of a quick throw together for fun). I wanted to add some cinnamon to make it a bit different for the winter season. I've read ground cinnamon is bad to use, does...
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    Holliday ideas: Mint and Cinnamon

    So I found a post from 2005 about peppermint, but what I'm talking about is actual leaves from a mint plant I have. Now that it's fall it's going to die soon and I have tons of leaves I can pick off. My plan was to use them during the boil and strain them out in the hopback. Does this give...
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    Poor Conversion?

    Hello everyone. I have been brewing for about a year, and this summer I decided to start doing all grain brews. My issue is that I haven't had one turn out correctly until now (it was a city water problem). However, my OG is only 1033 which is extremely low. I used 5 pounds each of Munich and...