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    What beer to bring back from Belfast Ireland?

    My wife will be traveling to Belfast for a few weeks and offered to bring some beer back. Any suggestion for what I should have her look for? Thanks
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    Co2 Distributor Help Needed

    Problem: Nothing but foam coming out of my picnic tap Details: I got a 4-way Co2 Distributor for Christmas so I would not have to keep switching the gas when I have more than one keg in my fridge and eventual would like to get a BeerGun. I have about a foot and a half 1/4” beverage tubing...
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    Zymurgy or BYO?

    I'm working on a brewing article and would like to get some opinions on which publication I should submit it to. Thanks!
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    IL Brewers!

    I was just fold by a fellow club member that home brewers can’t pour their beer at beer festivals in IL anymore. "Illinois statute Chapter 235, Act 5, Article II, § 2-1 permits the making of wine, cider or other ALCOHOLIC LIQUOR by a person from fruits, vegetables or grains, or the products...
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    High Gravety Brew EBC III

    I don't know enough about e-brewing yet to know if this is a good deal or not but it sure looks nice.
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    Learn from my mistakes Vol. 1

    Apparently I need to add a few things to my brew day check list. 1. Check mill gap - changed on its own, the only thing I can think of is that the cold weather in my garage caused some shrinkage 2. Charge drill battery and the backup - hand cranking grain is no fun 3. Rack beer in fermenter...
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    Heat Stick Issue

    So I made a heat stick this weekend, water tested it, and all was good. When I brewed with it today there was wort inside the stick when I was done. I know I need to do some more work on the stick before using it again but do I need to dump the batch? Some wort must have come in contact with...