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    Motorizing a Phil mill

    I am looking to motorize my grain mill as my next project. I have a motor and a 3" dia. v belt pulley for it. The shaft on a phil mill is 3/8", anyone know where to get a pulley that would work on the shaft of my phil mill?
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    Ohio Brew Week July 12 -18 2009

    Anyone seen the results posted anywhere?
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    The continuous movie quote thread

    "Any one else wanna negotiate?"
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    What would you send to UPS or some other company you are mad at?

    ok..why not thank them for the credits and use them for something constructive, like the comp entries, instead of the 90 day limits ask them to make it a year linit on the credits and you are good to go.
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    240 Electrical Question

    220, 221...what ever it takes.
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    Filtering.... Just saw this little toy...Anyone use one? topic a bit, but here goes anyway. I use a 1 micron filter only and get a fairly clear beer (usually). Would there be a benefit from me putting inline progressively smaller mesh filter media? Sean
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    Hubby away... left beer in the fermenter

    Autolysis fears are over blown. Let it sit, it will be fine.
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    soldering question

    Just use a weldless is so much easier.
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    Outstanding Questions

    1. The bucket will be fine as long as it is clean and sanitary. It isnt in contact with the bucket that long. RDWHAHB 2. Your problem may be the beers didnt go the full length of fermentation. A lot of folks dont wait until the fermentation is completely done. It is better to wait rather...
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    Dumb luck.

    I got 7 and am always keg poor. Get as many as you can get and growl at anyone that tries to take them away from you.
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    First Batch coming along nicely!! have one followup question

    The best thing you can do is let it settle out over time...trouble takes time to do that. Drink it cloudy..and brew again. Sean
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    how to stop ferment after BEANO addition?

    Don't add beano any more
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    My attempt at a single tier brew sculpture

    Mount your pump so it has the outlet at the top. If you dont it has a hard time with getting air trapped in it.
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    JOA Assist

    Thank you. That is what I was looking for Sean
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    JOA Assist

    All, I have a batch of JAO I am liking. I am also wanting to do two things to it and want your advice. 1. I want to keg it and carb it slightly. I love the citrus flavor and want to show it off a bit more with the fizz. 2. I want to stabilize this with sorbate and sulphate then sweeten it...
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    Neighbor Stole SWMBO's pain meds--call the cops?

    you know...this isnt about you and your wife any more. This is about the folks that can get hurt by these pills being out there. PLUS. are you sure the ones he gave you back are the right things? I wouldn't take them.
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    Yeast Cell Counts: Dry vs. Liquid

    Try rehydrating your dry yeast before pitching it and see how much faster it takes off. The back of the S-05 packs say to pitch direct, but if you go to safale's website it says to rehydrate. I like to think I am taking care of my yeast by giving them a drink of water before sending them off...
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    Pitch Rate, let's talk yeast

    That is a true statement. Pay attention to your yeast, it is what takes the sweet malty wort and turns it into the malty fermented beverage we so love.
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    Love controller problem

    Thanks guys. Good thoughts, and I will use them Sean
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    Trouble with a dark strong

    B3 says on their website that yeast needs fermaidK added 24-48 hours after fermentation starts. I am in the same situation...two vials into a two liter starter. I hope this work out. I oxygenated and used servo and added the extra nutrient on day three. Sean