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    Mash and sparge water question

    Brewing beer soon, recipe calls for 11.25 gallons mash in water and then 8.75 sparge water. Could I just do 10 gallons for each? My mash water pot only holds 10 gallons. Any negative consequences doing it this way? Thanks!
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    10 gallon batch recipe help

    I am planning on doing my first 10 gallon batch this weekend, I'm interested to see if anyone has any great recipes in which I split the 10 gallons into 2 5 gallon carboys and use different yeasts, hops, etc in each carboy. Im thinking about doing an American style IPA. Any suggestions are...
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    simcoe, cascade, and citra ipa recipe help

    id like to put together, or find an IPA recipe using simcoe, cascade, and citra as my primary hops. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to construct my hops schedule? I brew all grain, 6 gallon batches. Also any assistance with a grain bill would be greatly apppreciated. thanks as...
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    Stuck fermentation

    I brewed a dbl chocolate coffee stout last week, made a 1.5 l starter, and have had temp right at 71 degrees the entire time. OG was at 1.070, after 6 days I'm still sitting at 1.030 and holding. I had a vigorous initial fermentation, but things seemed to have just stopped! What are my options...
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    Yeast nutrient

    I recently purchased some white labs yeast nutrient. My question is do I add this to my starter, or do I add to the boil? Thanks for the help
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    Bourbon Stout Recipe Feedback

    I'm looking to brew a Oaked bourbon stout, need some recipe feedback. Here's what I've got: 6 lb dark lme 3 lb amber lme 16 oz chocolate malt 4 oz roasted barley 4 oz black malt 2 oz northern brewer @ 60 1 oz goldings @ 10 Wlp007 or wlp002 12 oz bourbon 2 oz med American oak cubes I'd...
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    Constantly getting lower than expected OG and FG, help!

    Could this be the issue? So I start with 3.5 gallons of water to boil, after 60 minutes I end with about 3, then top off with an additional 2. So that totals 5.5 gallons. Is this my problem?
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    Constantly getting lower than expected OG and FG! Whats going wrong?

    I there, I'm fairly new to brewing, having only brewed 9 batches. I'm consistently getting lower og and fg readings, on average .012 off on both. I've tested my hydrometer with water and it reads an even 1.000. What could I be doing incorrectly? For instance just brewed a ruination ipa clone...
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    Belgium dubbel fermentation and yeast

    I brewed a dubbel the other day, pitched wyyeast Belgium liquid yeast, after the smack pack had started to inflate, waited 24 hours, and no signs of fermentation. Had a pack of safale a-04 in the fridge is case of a situation like this. Pitched it and its looking good. My question is will I...
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    Gravity reading seems high after transfer to secondary

    Brewing a milk stout, transferred to secondary after 15 days in primary. Og reading @ 1.058, reading at transfer @ 1.022. This seems high to me. Can I rep itch with dry yeast to get it to come down? Temp has been 64-67 the entire time, used safale 04.
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    Full boil vs partial boil adjustments.

    I'm making the transition to full boil extract brewing, however most all if the recipes that I have seen are for partial boiling. What adjustments are necessary to make these recipes pertinent to full boiling? I recently purchased a clone brews recipe book and would like to make these recipes in...
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    Pumpkin ale not very pumpkin smelling.

    I recently brewed a pumpkin ale, it's in the primary coming up on two weeks tomorrow. Took a solid smell of it today, and got zero pumpkin smell. I used NB smashing pumpkin's recipe, except I added an additional 1tsp at the end of boil, making it 2 total tsp. will this smell develop during the...
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    Imperial chocolate milk stout recipe input

    Im wanting to make an imperial milk stout with chocolate, saw a few recipes online that gave me some ideas. Heres what ive come up with, its kinda a combination of two recipes that Ive seen. Any input/advice/changes would be greatly appreciated, as I am pretty new to home brewing. This would be...
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    american ipa extract recipe, tastes fruity, thoughts?

    hello all, im new to home brewing, bought an extract kit from a store several weeks ago. american ipa kit, safale-05 yeast used. in primary for 7 days at 75 degree room temp, transferred to secondary, in there a total of 7 days as well. bottled 16 days ago, cracked one open and wow does it taste...