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    Keezer Collar Advice

    Hey all, I've finally gotten around to building a collar for my new freezer - problem is it's a little crooked (see picture). It's about 3/4" away from the top of the freezer on the front left side. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Should I just scrap it and start over...
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    Bock is too Sweet

    Hi all, I just finished kegging a bock and during some tasting it seemed too sweet. OG was 1.072, FG was measured at 1.018 - right on the estimated value. Are bocks supposed to be so sweet? Is there something with the fermentation that could have gone wrong? I made a huge starter and...
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    Connect Immersion Chiller to This Faucet?

    Hey all, I have a copper immersion chiller and fittings that connect to a standard kitchen faucet, but the placed I just moved to does not have a standard faucet. Does anyone know how I can connect to this, if at all? Pics below. Thanks!
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    Mango Habanero ESB

    After over half a year of not being able to brew (apartment 80°F+), I'm finally getting a freezer and will be able to brew again! I've found a bunch of recipes for a mango habanero APA, but wanted to try this with an ESB. My thought is that the fruitiness of an English yeast will complement...
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    Is this hot break?

    Is this grey goo the hot break? It's like a cake on top of the boil. I've done a few batches and haven't seen anything look quite so gross before.....
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    Black Garlic

    I recently discovered black garlic and found this thread from a couple of years ago: Wondering if anyone else has had experience brewing with black garlic. It sounds like it would be an interesting ingredient...
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    Winter Warmer Recipe Thoughts

    Wondering what you guys think of this brew. It's a winter warmer - from everyone's experience do you think this could be ready to drink by Dec 13th if I brew on Saturday (Nov. 9th)? Thanks for the help, here it is! Not sure if it'll be too hoppy - 46 IBU with an OG of 1.068 3 lbs Pale...
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    Natural Carb in Keg - Seal?

    So I’ve decided to start naturally carbing my kegs, because it seems like I use a ton of gas when force carbing, and it’s quite a trek to get my tank refilled. Question about natural carbing – after I add the priming sugar and beer, I close up the keg and hit it with some CO2 to seal it. I...
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    Gose with Lacto in Primary

    Hey, I'm brewing a Gose and am going to pitch my lacto starter into the wort when it gets down to about 100F. Planning to let the lacto ferment for a couple of days, then pitch a hefewiezen starter. I have a couple of questions about this: 1. Do I aerate the wort for the lacto? 2. If I...
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    Hefeweizen Fermentation

    Hey everybody, I did a partial mash version of this recipe and fermentation is pretty slow. I used: 3.75 lb Wheat Malt 1.50 lb Pilsner Malt 1.00 lb Vienna Malt 2.75 lb Wheat DME WLP380 - Hefeweizen IV I was aiming for an OG of 1.052 - I hit 1.050 Here's a picture of the...
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    Belgian IPA(s)

    Hi! So I have a decision to make about a Belgian IPA I want to brew. I need to decide between a Dubbel IPA or a Tripel IPA. I think I'd rather go with the Tripel, but it needs to be done by the first week in July, and I won't be able to brew until next weekend (May 12th ish). Can a tripel...
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    Oktoberfest Recipe Critique (Extract)

    So I've made made a recipe for an Oktoberfest and would like someone to tell me what you think if you would be so kind... 5 gallon batch OG: 1.058 BG: 1.046 - 3.25 gallon boil (with 4 lb of extract during boil) 4 lb Pale LME - 60 min 3.75 lb Amber LME - 15 min (EDIT: Substituted 3.75 lb Amber...
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    Worth Chiller

    So here I am waiting for my water to boil, and I thought I'd share my wort chiller, which is a category just under disaster. I first spent half an hour trying to coil it around a coffee can, which didn't work because the only thing that was bending was the can. So I tried a bucket. No dice. I...
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    Old Yeast Starter

    Ok, I bought a package of Wyeast 1010 American Wheat yeast and made a starter 2 days ago. Turns out the yeast was 6 months old when I bought it. Here's what my starter looks like now: Is this just the yeast doing it's thing? And if it is, would it be safe to pitch now, or should I wait...
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    American Wheat IBUs?

    So I've made made a recipe for an American Wheat and I have some questions... 5 gallon batch OG: 1.050 BG: 1.084 - 3 gallon boil 3.5 lb Wheat LME - 60 min 3.5 lb Wheat LME - Knockout 0.75 oz Cascade @ 5.5% for 45 min 0.50 oz Liberty @ 4.3% for 20 min Wyeast 1010 Bottle with 2.6 volumes of...
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    Is my starter ready?

    I made this starter about 22 hours ago and am wondering if it is ready to go into a beer. Also, am I supposed to toss the whole thing into the beer or just the bottom layer? I'm using Wyeast 1272. Thanks!
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    My First Recipe

    So, I'm finally starting to make my second beer and decided to make my own recipe. If it's not too much trouble, can someone please take a look at this and let me know if you think it'll turn out OK? Thanks a lot! Winter Break Porter 5 gallon batch Boil Volume - 3 gal Boil Time - 60...
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    Normal Fermentation?

    I brewed my first beer, an amber ale, 10 days ago, and went to check on the fermentation today. The recipe calls for 10 day s of fermentation. I open my bucket up, and I see what is in the picture. I thought that the kraeusen was supposed to fall back into the beer eventually. Should I wait...
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    Bubbles in Auto-Siphon

    Hello, So I am a new homebrewer and am ready to brew my first batch, so I decided to test out my equipment and make sure I knew how to use everything before I start. When I was testing out the auto-siphon, bubbles started forming a few minutes after siphoning started. I'm just siphoning...