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    recipe suggestions

    I’ve made a few batches of apfelwein and graff, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a cider recipe to try next. Everyone enjoys the graff, but even after 6+ months of aging the apfelwein made me feel like I was handing out prison wine. Some of the woodchuck clones in the recipe...
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    Natural gas setups

    Do we have a wiki or any sticky pages on for using natural gas for brewing? I’m looking for an example of a natural gas fired boil kettle for 5-10 gallon batches, but searching around the forums there are a lot of articles that vary wildly in usefulness and most are dead ends. So far I’ve...
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    Thin beer

    Can a final gravity at or lower than 1.010 leave a beer tasting watery or thin? Any suggestions on how to improve the beer? My current batch of beer is watery\thin, and the only difference in procedure from my previous batches was rousing the yeast in attempt lower the final gravity...
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    Martinelli cider

    I found Martinelli cider locally for $4 a gallon which seems like a really great deal considering the Kirkland organic cider is the same price. Has anyone used this before? If so, how does it fair to other products?
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    Things I've learned from HBT

    I’ve been extract brewing for 1.5 years, and I’ve used the advice I’ve trolled from hbt for the last 5 batches. I’ve learned a lot of things from HBT, and I thought I would share the following list that has made my beer significantly better and easier to make. If you’re new and don’t believe...
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    Pacman starter\reuse question

    I picked up a Wyeast PacMan smackpack from my lhbs, and I wanted to offset the cost by using the yeast for at least two separate batches in the next month, IIPA with OG of ~1.070 and Porter with OG of ~1.045, and hopefully more to come. I’ve washed and reused my safale dry yeast before and read...
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    recipe feedback

    Looking to get some feedback on the recipe I brewed this weekend. I was hoping for hoppy pale ale that’s not too bitter, but I’m not sure how this will turn out. Also, this was my first time brewing with spring water instead of tap water and using a 1:1 ratio between gallons of water and lbs...
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    Sour beer recipe

    After reading through Papazian’s “Sour mash\extract beers…” section I wanted to try brewing a sour beer and was wondering if anyone could share a recipe or suggestions. I took a look through the recipe database, but I didn’t see any extract recipes. I’ve been brewing with pretty good results...