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    Day 24, stuck at 1.02

    I'm brewing a Red Ale (extract with steeping grains) that had an OG of 1.04 and an expected FG of 1.011 according to BeerSmith. Yeast is Nottingham. I got everything ready to keg today on Day 24 after Cold Crashing at 38F for three days. Of course, I never took an FG reading before crashing...
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    How fast should pressure drop?

    Assuming no leaks... If I hit about 5 gallons of uncarbonated water with 18-20psi for a couple minutes, and then shut the CO2 off - how long should it take the water to absorb the carbonation (constant temperature) and the gauge on the regulator to hit zero? I did this last night, and...
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    IBU too high?

    I went to my LBHS to pick up some ingredients for my next brew, and I asked the employee for recommendations as I'm not at the point of being able to pick and choose for myself. Anyhow, I ended up getting ingredients to brew a ten gallon Bavarian Wheat, which includes the following...
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    Tubing Mismatch?

    I'm part-way through yet another tank of CO2 attempting to find a leak in my rig, and I was wondering if a tubing mismatch could cause a leak. The tubing that was used for the gas line in my setup is the Bevlex 200, which is notated on their website as a liquid line, not a gas line. Could this...
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    Gas/Liquid Bolts

    So this my first time kegging, and I did not realize the bolts for the Gas/Liquid side were different, and I uh, switched. I seemed to put two gas on one keg, and two liquid on the other. The one with two gas on it seems to be carbonating fine, but will I have issues if I don't switch the...
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    Oxygen Purge?

    I'm not even sure if I did this right as this is my first time kegging. I have a regulator going into a manifold dispersed into two kegs. I set the PSI to 30 for force carbing, but then read something about purging the oxygen. I cut the pressure off and released the pressure from the kegs...
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    Adjustments for full boils with hopped extract?

    I was in a pinch and had to purchase a kit (5 gallon batch) from the local shop. The directions for the kit have a 30 minute partial boil with: 3.3 lbs Muntons hopped amber LME 2 lbs Briess Sparkling Amber 1 oz hops (Cascade pellets, I'm assuming...) The partial boil calls for 1.5...
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    Cracked outside of airlock.. help?

    I was a little too heavy handed when putting my airlock on and cracked the outside of the plastic. It doesn't appear to be leaking water. Is this a problem?
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    Six Gallon Carboy Enough for Primary Fermentation?

    So I'm about to brew my first batch ever and I purchased this equipment kit: It comes with a six gallon carboy and a 7.8 gallon bottling bucket. I'd really like to watch the fermentation process for my first five...
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    Any chance five gallons will boil on apt electric stove?

    ..using a 40-quart pot like this one: I'm brand new to this and want the 40-quart to avoid boil overs but I'm not sure if the pot itself will be too big. Advice is greatly appreciated - I'll be doing extract brews to start...