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  1. Bellybuster

    Canada counterflow wort chiller

    made this and got a great deal on a chillzilla so don't use it $40 local pickup only In Wasaga Beach Ontario
  2. Bellybuster

    Mid Life....yay

    having just turned 50 and after saving my pennies for several years, my new baby has come home. :ban:
  3. Bellybuster

    panel designer

    have only played for a short time but looks promising for those without CAD experience. I downloaded the OS X version and it works well, no spam or spyware Front Panel Designer
  4. Bellybuster

    No Purchase Necessary????

    Kudos to Coldbreak Brewing for offering up a prize but..... no purchase necessary??? Then why is it only open to supporting members? Financial support to a forum is voluntary, not everyone has the means to support the more than likely many forums they make use of on a day to day basis...
  5. Bellybuster

    good ole tap water

    I've been brewing for a long time and this keeps coming up and just plain bugs me. why is everyone always worried about tap water contaminating your beer?? Anyone who rinses out sanitizer...what do you rinse with??? Tap water. We all will set a glass of tap water in front of our children...