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    Lots of equipment for sale

    Hello, I have cut back drastically on my my home brewing, I decided to part with some of my equipment. I'd like to sell this all together if possible. DIY pasta machine Grain Mill Stainless Steel wort chiller 2x 5g fermenter buckets 2x 3g Better Bottles 5x 1g Glass fermenter 3x 2g...
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    Questions on gravity, projected vs actual

    Hello, I have been doing all grain batches for over a year now and have stumbled onto some issues. When I first started, I took hydrometer readings to measure original and final gravity. My hydrometer had a colored in areas for "wort" and "finished beer" and as long as my reading was in the...
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    Tap a draft system for sale

    I have a tap a draft system that I no longer use. I bought this about a year ago, I've run though 1 batch per 'keg'. * There are 7 kegs and 6 black lids, the tap system, and about 3 co2 cartridges. *Looking to get $30 for all of this. I'm not sure how shipping on this will work out, it would be...
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    Beer Locker Build

    I don't post here much, I frequent the site for info, but I wanted to share my current project I am working on. For the past year, I have been brewing smaller batches of beer (2-3 gallons). This has allowed me to increase the variety of beer I have on hand. I have been using an old fridge to...
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    Bottle from natrual carbed mini keg?

    I've been using a tap-a-draft system for a while now, I dropped the tap last night and broke it. I now have 6 mini kegs full of beer and no tap. I don't really want to buy a new tap, I want to move up from the tap-a-draft system to corny kegs in the next few months. My question is can I...
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    WTB - Heat Stick

    I have been reading about electric brewing and though the information here is good, I do not feel confident on building something myself. I figured I should start small, with a heat stick, and see how it goes. So, I'm looking to buy one... Maybe someone has an extra, or wouldnt mind making one...
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    Warped Brew Kettle Question

    Hello, after brewing this weekend I found the bottom of my SS brew kettle is slightly warped. It sorta bubbles up in the middle, this prevents solid contact with the stove top. I had trouble keeping a boil going this brew session and I am convinced this is why. I normally have no issues with...