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    No more bubbles in my airlock

    After my beer sat in my Primary for about 10 days, the recipe calls for 2 weeks primary and 1 week secondary, then it stopped giving me the bubbles showing in my airlock. I changed it to my secondary, mostly because I want to see how much it helps with clarity, and I still have no bubbles...
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    re carb question

    I made some beer recently and after I left it in the bottles for more than enough time, it did not carb enough. At my local brew store the guy told me I can open the bottles and put a small amount of priming sugar into each bottle and reseal them. I have no clue how much to add though. Any...
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    secondary fermenter

    i have a batch in my primary right now and my instructions tell me to leave the wort in the primary for 1 week then to move it to the secondary for 2 more weeks. when i put it into the secondary, am i supposed to add anything? the instructions don't mention anything, so i don't think i should...
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    pumpkin beer questions

    i know it's late to make a pumpkin beer, but i had intentions to make it a few weeks ago. then we had some family stuff and had to go out of town. question is about using the pumpkin. i have read about different ways and times on when to put the pumpkin in, at least i think...
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    cloudy wheat beer?

    i made up a batch of a wheat beer, but once it was completed and i got to open up my bottles, it's cloudy when i pour it. i don't know if it is normal or if something went wrong, but i can't see through the beer. i haven't had a wheat beer in a while, so i don't know if it tastes the right way...
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    looking to make something that i can drink soon

    i'm getting ready to make a second batch, going to buy the stuff this weekend and cook it up. my question is pretty easy though, just looking for some opinions. i want to make a beer that doesn't take long at all before i can drink it. what are some of the fastest ready to drink beers? i...
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    yeast question

    i have read before to make sure i prepare my yeast before adding it to my wort. i looked on the packet of yeast that i got with my beer and it gives instructions on preparation. however, on the instructions for the brew itself, it specifically mentions to "sprinkle" the yeast on the cooled...
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    how long for wort to cool?

    i just got done making my first batch of wort, actually got finished about 45 minutes ago. it's still at around 90 degrees. the recipe i have says to let it drop below 80 degrees before i put the yeast in. it also mentions to not worry if you let it cool too much. does this mean i should...
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    brand new to this, please be gentle

    i have always been interested in making my own beer. i know a few people that do it already, but none of them are close to where i live so that i can ask lots of the dumb questions and/or see how the actual process works. i'm military, so i kind of rely of forums for a lot of information...