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    Hop in the Dark Clone

    Hey everyone, I want to do a Hop in the Dark clone, and I read that Deschutes cold steeps the dark grains @ 55*F and adds that to the pale mash. What do you all think of this recipe for a clone? I'm a little worried that if I cold steeped the dark grains, it wouldn't get dark enough to...
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    Cold Steeping Dark Grains

    Hey everyone, I wanted to make a Cascadian Dark Ale, and Deschutes Hop In The Dark is probably the best commercial example of the style I've tasted. In doing some research, I found that Deschutes cold-steeps the dark grains at about 55* and adds the liquid to the pale mash in order to get...
  3. C is awesome.

    Just ordered a few weldless bulkheads, and since I had seen other posts about the guys from bargainfittings drawing on the box, I asked them to draw a picture of a dog drinking a beer. This is what I got today. Man, those guys are artists!
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    Possible Brew Stand?

    Does anyone have any experience with this as a brew stand? Seems like a great price, and could make a cheap brew stand. Do you think the burners are powerful...
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    Grain Mills

    I'm trying to convince SWMBO that we need to get a grain mill. I think I can convince her if she can also use it to grind her own wheat into flour, etc. for baking. I know the grain mills everyone uses have adjustable rollers for crushing the grain, but will they also work for baking purposes...
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    Does anyone know where I can find a good thermometer without paying an arm and a leg for it? I have one of the basic dial thermometers right now, but it takes forever to take a reading in my mash tun with that thing, and since my mash tun is a cooler, that means I'm letting all the heat escape...
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    First all-grain brew

    Just did my first all grain batch yesterday. I tried for a SN Tumbler type beer with a recipe I found here. I missed my mash temp by a few degrees (it said to mash at 154, and I was at about 151), and the OG came out a little low (1.046, supposed to be 1.052), but it was a lot easier than I...
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    Building cooler mashtun

    Hey guys, I'm trying to convert my rectangular 48 qt coleman cooler into a mashtun. I figured I would just go to bargainfittings and get everything in one place to convert it. Would someone be able to make sure I'm getting everything I need for me? I'm getting the New Weldless Keg/Cooler...
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    Lemon zest in secondary

    Hey guys, I am making a Widmer Hefe clone for my wife, and she really likes lemon in it. I was thinking of maybe putting some lemon zest in secondary to get some of the flavor/scent. Has anyone done something like this before? How much should I put in and for how long? I've never put...
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    I'm in the market for a cheap brew pot for my 5 gallon batches. I'm just doing extract right now, but I got a propane cooker and immersion chiller, so I'm looking to take my brewing outside and go with full boils. I think I want to stick with SS vs. Aluminum. Does anyone have experience with...