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  1. azfalcon

    Nice fermentation

    So here is is after a week. You can see from the sides how much it fermented. Looking good ....must be patient. Must me patient. Lol
  2. azfalcon

    Gravity reading at a week?

    So tomorrow night is the first week in the primary. The bubbling has slowed to almost a stop. Should I check the gravity tomorrow or just wait another week? I'm trying to be patient but want another batch going soon. Lol
  3. azfalcon

    Ferment time

    So Sunday will be 1 week in the fermenting stage. Take most people's advice here I thought I would let it sit 2 - 3 weeks then bottle. Should I let is sit a minimum of 2-3 weeks in bottle as well?
  4. azfalcon

    your first "real" beer

    Ok so I just started my first batch (Irish Stout) in 2 years so I mine as well call it my first batch. Its a kit I picked up from a LHBS. If this all goes well and the taste is good I plan on trying the White house honey Ale or something that is a little more advanced...extra hops maybe a second...
  5. azfalcon

    Fermenting already

    So it's been less than 24hrs and I already have fermenting going. Pretty excited
  6. azfalcon

    Fermenting ?

    So it's been in the closet less than 9 hours so I'm not even concerned at this point. The temp on my bucket is showing 63-65. It's 21 outside right now and I know it will warm up here as it will outside (high 50's). Should I just let it be or should I wrap it in a towel or something
  7. azfalcon

    Gravity reading question

    So I got done with the boil and cool down. I tested the gravity before pitching the yeast and got 10.20? Is that right? Only measure about 2.6% Abv. Pithed the yeast about 65% shook up threw my airlock on and now in a dark closet
  8. azfalcon

    Damnit Jim...boilover

    I had a boil over when I talked to my kid for 10 seconds it seemed. I let it calm down to a rolling boil threw the hops in and now have 30 minutes left. Did I kill my wort? Thanks
  9. azfalcon

    Burning LME

    So I took it off the heat after 35 minutes and let it set a minute or so then added the LME stirring the whole time. Don't think I burned the LME but how would you know ahead of time if you did
  10. azfalcon


    Now this is a stout. Lol
  11. azfalcon

    Hops and yeast

    These are in the fridge and freezer respectably. Should I remove them now to get to room temp? I'm getting water to steeping temps
  12. azfalcon

    Almost go time

    Getting the kitchen cleaned up and ready for brewing. Lets hope it all goes well
  13. azfalcon

    Yet another question

    I have read the instructions (yes I know they are sometimes wrong) and I've watched plenty of YouTube and get conflicting answers. For the first stage when steeping the grains, do I put them in the water at 155 for 1/2 hr or do I put them on cold water, warm them up to 155 then wait the 30-45...
  14. azfalcon


    So I have the normal kit consisting of 2 plastic buckets and a glass carbon. Can I put sanstar in one of the plastic buckets and do all the cleaning/sanitizing in there. Use the second bucket for the wort etc then rack to the glass carboy?
  15. azfalcon

    Fermenting container

    Is it better to ferment in the glass carbon then the plastic bucket? And if I'm not adding any secondary hops or flavors than there is no point in racking a second time correct?
  16. azfalcon

    How long will it last

    Was about to order a kit online and start it as soon as I bottle my brew starting this weekend. How long will the yeasts stay good In the fridge?
  17. azfalcon

    Looking for a Bodington clone

    I'm a big fan of boddingtons and would love a clone for the summer. Know any good sites to buy from?
  18. azfalcon

    How many keg?

    How many of you actually keg your beer? With me being the only or primary drinker I'd love to keg it but I just don't think it's worth it. Or much more room in my apartment. Lol For you all that do keg how much nicer is it than bottling?
  19. azfalcon

    Different brewing kits?

    I picked up a kit with the liquid extract hops etc and my buddy wants to try and said they sold him what looks like a large can of mix...nothing else. What's the difference in the two
  20. azfalcon

    Gravity question

    So I bought the Irish stout kit yesterday. Looking through the instructions is does not give any alcohol percentage starting or final gravity etc. is this a concern?