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    CHICAGO: free hop rhizomes

    I am moving in a couple weeks. I dug out all the hop crowns I could in the spring, but still have some Nugget and Chinook sprouting up. If you would like these, they're yours for free. Near midway airport.
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    CHICAGO: free hop crown

    I dug out all my hops and gave a bunch away to friends and coworkers. I still have a Willamette crown left. Available for pickup tomorrow morning near midway airport. I will not ship and will not separate. Thanks for looking.
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    Perlick Beer Faucets

    Perlick 425S beer faucets. These forward-sealing stainless steel faucets have removable black spouts and are in good condition. $25 each. Buy at least 3, and I'll ship them for free.
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    Two Pass Cold Plate

    For sale is a 2 pass cold plate in good condition. Clean, and including barbed connectors. Dimensions are 8" x 12" x 2". $75 shipped via USPS priority mail.
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    Keg Couplings/Faucets/Tappers

    I was cleaning out some old stuff and came across these. Not sure if anyone still uses these Hoff Stevens couplers. $30 shipped for the lot shown in the picture. All equipment is in used as/is condition. The equipment includes: 3 hoff-stevens keg couplers 2 keg tappers (one has a...
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    Phil's Sparge Arm

    Phil's rotating sparge arm. FREE local pickup in Chicago, or $12 shipped.
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    Cold Plates

    Cornelius 5-pass cold plate. Clean, in good condition, and including all barbed connectors. Dimensions are 15" x 10" x 3". $100 shipped via priority mail. 7-pass cold plate. Clean, in good condition, and including all barbed connectors. Dimensions are 13.5" x 8" x 4". $135 shipped via...
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    CO2 regulator

    Taprite dual gauge co2 regulator. It works, but the gauges are ugly. $10 local pickup in Chicago, or $15 shipped via USPS priority mail.
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    More Free Fresh Hops

    Fresh chinook hop cones. Second year growth. They're yours for free. Come pick them before the frost gets them. Located in Chicago. I haven't had time to pick them, and I prefer not to ship these. Thanks for looking.
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    7 Pass Cold Plate

    For sale, a seven pass cold plate. The plate is clean, and in great condition. Includes all necessary fittings. $135. USPS priority mail shipping is on me. Paypal accepted. Dimensions are 8" by 12" by 4".
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    Free Fresh Columbus Hops

    Since I won't be able to brew for a while, my loss is your gain. Free fresh second year columbus hops. I cut the vines down today. Come pick them up, and they're yours. I'm estimating there are about 4 wet pounds here. Located near Midway in Chicago. I prefer not to ship.
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    WANTED: counterflow wort chiller or plate wort chiller

    If you've got a spare one collecting dust, let me know how much you'd like for it, including shipping. OR local pickup in chicago.
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    Beverage Pumps

    FloJet beverage pumps for sale. One is model # G58 1022, and the other is G55 1022. They are activated by CO2 or compressed air. Both are in used condition, and worked when they were removed from the bar. Both shipped to you for $40 total.
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    7 Pass Cold Plate

    For sale, a 7 pass cold plate. Clean, and in great condition. Includes all necessary fittings. $135 OBO. Shipping is on me. Paypal accepted. Dimensions are 8" by 12" by 3.5".
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    Regulator, Shank, Drip-Tray, and Temp Control

    Brand new, never been used, Norgren brand dual-gauge CO2 regulator equipped with a check valve. $45 shipped. SOLD Brass 5" shank including a tailpiece with wingnut. $13 shipped. Stainless Steel drip tray measuring 6" x 5" x 2.5". $20 shipped. SOLD LUX Win100 temperature...
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    Johnson Temp Controller & Corny Kegs/Lids

    Johnson Controls analog temperature controller. Temp ranges are from -30 degrees to 100 degrees. The controller is in good working condition. $35 + $13 priority mail shipping (I could fit this into a smaller box, but I want to make sure there's some padding around it). Also, I have 2...
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    shanks and carboys

    4" stainless steel shanks. two available. both are yours for $25 total. shipping is an additional $5. glass carboys in like-new condition (local pickup in chicago only): 3 gallon size. 8 available: $15 each 5 gallon size. 4 available: $25 each
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    RIMS Electric Brewing System

    Home made RIMS system. Runs off of 220 V of electricity. I am selling this system since the electrical system in my aging home is insufficient to support this system, and I am looking for a gas RIMS setup instead. My home still has some old knob-and-tube wiring, and I don't want to upgrade my...
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    Multiple Items

    I have the below used items for sale. Located in Chicago. I will ship any of these items if you'd like, for an additional charge. Shanks: $10 each (2) 5" size (2) 4" size with 1/4 barb (Both have been SOLD) (1) 3" size SOLD (1) 2.75" size Chrome plated faucets: $10 each. I have 2...
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    kegerator conversion kit

    complete kegerator conversion kit including 3" tower with chrome faucet, standard american sanke keg coupler (aka tavern head), dual-gauge CO2 regulator, drip tray, and empty 5 LB CO2 tank with a hydro-test certification date of 05/2011. includes all necessary hoses. all equipment is in...