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    UDS Mk1 trial run

    ot my uds in usable shape and smoked some wild boar, 2 loins, 1 cured sholder and 2 cured hams. Held 150 degrees for 3 1/2 hours if 17 degree weather before I had to take the meat out and go home. The goal was not to fully cook be to add smoke flavor. I call it a success! :ban: I plan on adding...
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    Freezing meat before curing, smoking

    The state is setting a hog trap up at work this week and we expect/hope to catch several wild russian boar. It will probably be several weeks before I can do any curing, or smoking. I assume that it is safe to freeze the meat until I have time to cure and smoke it but wanted to check and see if...
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    Help, wine ix to sweet

    I made a 5 gal batch of raisin wine and it finished way to sweet, the sg is 1.085. I used 14 lb of raisins and 12 lb sugar with D47 yeast, not thinking that 1 lb of raisins = 4 lb of grapes. I thought about adding some EC1118 yeast to see if it would burn enough sugar to make it drinkable but I...
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    Making cider without a press

    I had a friend give me 2, 5 gal buckets of Granny Smith apples last weekend and I want to make her some cider. I have never made cider and do not have access to a press. I have been making wine for many years by fermenting on the fruit and then squeezing the fruit in a straining bag to separate...
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    Curing / smoking Wild Boar

    I butchered a wildboar yesterday and am curing the hams, shoulders, hocks, and side meat. I am trying 3 different cures, one I bought at the local meat market which they use for there hams ( salt, sugar, nitrates ), one is just brown sugar and salt, the last is rubbed with liquid smoke, then the...
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    Organic Wine

    I have searched here for info on organic wine making but haven't had any luck. I am mainly interested in sanitizing/killing wild yeast without using sulfites or other cemicals. is there any one with ideas on this?
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    Vanilla extract in mead

    I have some traditional mead almost finished fermenting and would like to add some vanilla to a gallon. Around here vanilla beans are $9 for 2 beans, SHMBO is not willing to spend that much for them but she has some really high quality Mexican extract that she said I could use. Any suggestions...
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    Dried fruit = fresh fruit

    Is there a chart somewhere that tells how much dried fruit it takes to equal a pound of fresh fruit? I know the this can vary on type of fruit and drying method. I am thinking of elderberries in particular right now but it would be nice to know on other fruits also. Thank you.
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    Racking mead

    I am making my first batch of traditional mead and am not sure how long to leave it in the primary. When making fruit wine I usually leave it in the primary for 1-2 weeks but am not sure with this mead because it seems to be a less vigorous ferment that I am used to.
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    First mead attempt

    I am getting ready to start my first batch of mead in the next day or two. I do not have any nutrient, and do not have the money to order any for a while, but I want to get it started. Can I just throw in a handful of raisins for this? I have read of this but am not sure how it would work...