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    Extract brewing is FAKE brewing

    Homebrew "Purists" with sticks up their ass. UGH! :smack:
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    Best Kit You Ever Purchased

    One of the best kits I've ever purchased is Adventures In Homebrewing's take on Kolsch beer. It has the smoothness of a good lager but it's brewed as an ale. It's a good compromise for those brewers who want a lager but lack the means to do the cooler fermentation required for lager yeasts.
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    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When you totally lose track of time browsing websites filled with all sorts of shiny new gadgets you'd love to add to your home brewing set up.
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    Beer fads that have passed

    I always did like the commercials though.
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    It's Alive!!

    As long as it doesn't do anything like this, it'll be just fine. :D
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    when do you graduate from beginner

    Brewing is a hobby where you really never stop learning. Each brew gives you the opportunity to refine your methods, gain confidence in your abilities, or throw caution to the wind by experimenting with new ideas and boldly go where your homebrew has never gone before. That being said, when I...
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    Comparison of mash tun insulation methods

    I've been window shopping for an all grain set up for awhile. Still haven't pulled the plug and bought one, but I'm liking what I'm seeing with the Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil. Budget wise, it looks to be right what I'm looking for.
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    Northern Brewer Replacement

    Adventures In Homebrewing has been my go to LHBS ever since Michigan Brewing Company's Things Beer homebrew shop went belly up along with the rest of the business, and I got sick of the yuppie wine and cheese snob looking down their nose at you sort of attitude from Cork N Cap over in Jackson...
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    What's your least favorite micro brewery?

    Least favorite micro brewery? Without question, it has to The Chelsea Ale House in Chelsea Michigan. The few times I ever set foot in the place, I could never get waited on, the guy running the bar was more interested in watching the TV than tending the business, and after looking at the prices...
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    Ghosts in my beer foam!!!

    Class 5 Free Floating Beer Vapors. They're usually harmless.
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    Some kinds of beer give me headaches...why?

    I used to like Bud Ice, but I stopped drinking it years ago after I started getting headaches after just a few sips from a longneck. I have to wonder if there is something in certain commercial beers that some people have a sensitivity to.
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    Video Games

    And who can ever forget the theme song?
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    Video Games

    Recently started playing a game on Facebook called Titans, in which you control a small base in the wastelands of a future war-torn Earth, and you are given the ability to build and upgrade robot assault squads and battle against other players or a non player antagonist called the ARMA...
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    Brau Supply

    Nice video kanno. I'm leaning more and more towards buying one myself. :mug:
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    Single Vessel Brewing Systems Pt1 - Overview

    Interesting write up. I've been debating going electric. This gives me some more to think about in terms of what's available.
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    The Big Three should die

    I once saw my Uncle Joe pour Budweiser over his cornflakes one morning because he didn't have any milk in the house. :tank:
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    The Big Three should die

    So, we're hating on Big Breweries today? Let's see..where did I leave my Borg Beer picture?....Oh! Here it is...
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    Don't Do That.

    I'm not overly fond of snakes. Especially after nearly stepping on an Eastern Massasauga rattlesnake that was coiled up along the edge of the road one brutally hot summer day as I was walking to find a payphone after my car broke down. How I managed not to get bitten, I'll never know.
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    The Idiot Brewery Money Pit

    I would kill to have a brew house like that!