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    Newbie Vanilla java porter

    It turned out alright. What would've been better is if I had milled the grains before steeping. Hahahahahaha. Had a brain fart apparently at the hbs. The coffee went into secondary, not ground. I had taken whole beans and pulsed them in a food processor for 3 sec just to crack them. Coffee aroma...
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    home brewer laws

    Anyone else have a headache? So technically you could get 100 friends to say they pitched yeast for 5gal each at their house then brought it to your house to ferment... but since each of them pitched at their respective houses theu could do this 20 times each throughout the calendar year and...
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    Transfer to a secondary?

    I rack to secondary right after I move primary bucket. Haha. I figure it'll settle in the week anyway. Good idea to move the night before though!
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    lesson learned: too much citra

    I LOVE Citra! The batch I have in secondary was brewed with .5oz for 15 min and is now dry hopping with 1.5 oz. it's not my primary though, as I used Columbus at 60 and centennial at 30. But I can't get enough of the aroma! Great for summer.
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    first batch of AG...

    Well, we shall see what happens. As long as I have airlock activity through tonight I'll be happy (even though when it stops I know that's not necessarily indicative of the end of fermentation). I'm excited for it though because it smelled AMAZING when I pitched the yeast.
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    first batch of AG...

    After this round, I'm going to pick up a 10gal cooler and false bottom and pick up my turkey fryer from my parent's house. I just figured I'd try this out and see what happens. $25 for all the grain and hops... Not bad for a full trial batch I didn't think.
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    first batch of AG...

    My hydrometer broke, so I'm not sure of the starting gravity. Womp, womp. BUT everything was sticky and it was definitely sweet. My whole house smelled like cereal and there is definitely active fermentation. I figured there would be heat loss through the top of the cooler and during water...
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    How long do YOU condition?

    My first couple of beers, pale ale and an ipa, had 10 and 14 days in primary respectively, 7 days in secondary, and 2 weeks in the bottle before I drank them. My first porter, however, had 14 days primary, 10 day secondary, and I didn't like it until it sat in the fridge for 6 weeks. The flavors...
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    home brewer laws

    Yeah... If you think about it, you can brew 20 5 gallon batches and just that mark. So approx 60 beers per batch, 1200 beers total, is just over 3 beers per day for the year per person. 2 person household = 6.5 beers per day. That's a lot of beer. Lol.
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    Beer is too foamy. This should help you. My first brew didn't have enough head, my second one was 1/2 perfect and 1/2 not enough (didn't fully dilute the sugar) and the 3rd was just right. Haha. Use the calculator and you'll be golden.
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    Transfer to a secondary?

    There are a bazillion threads about this... but you do what you want. I have always had a secondary... but then again I just brewed my 5th batch, and all 3 of the ones I've done were pretty darn good. If you're planning on dry hopping you can do that in a secondary or primary... I do mine in...
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    first batch of AG...

    Okay, so I brewed my first batch of AG yesterday, and I'm not sure how it's going to turn out as I had a pretty pieced together method... here goes... I brought 2 pots of water to a boil and turned the heat down to just under a boil. In the larger pot I added my 2-row briess pale (9.5#) into...
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    Sliiiiight leak in the bottle caps

    Recapping twist off bottles runs a couple of risks... 1.) you can get leakage because they don't seal properly and 2.) if they do seal properly, there is a high risk of bottle breakage when you pry the cap off because the neck of the bottle is much thinner. Also, ^^ to those guys talking about...
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    WB-06 in a wheat IPA?

    Okay, so I decided I wanted to brew a wheat ipa, and pitched the wb-06 because of what I heard about the high gravity. I used light unhopped LME and 1.5# briess wheat steeped for 18min. 1oz cascade (60min) 1oz columbus (30min) .5oz citra (15min) 1 oz dried tangerine peel (15min). I'm wondering...
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    know what I hate?

    I just didn't want to go anywhere. Haha. I got it taken care of, it was just wicked annoying.
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    Air Lock

    That sounds normal. It doesn't really matter how much the airlock bubbles per se.
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    know what I hate?

    When I start bottling and realize I forgot priming sugar. Blah!
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    Ambitious newbie- first beer IPA recipe

    Good news everyone! The IPA was/is delicious! Is pretty hoppy, has a nice clean bite to the finish, and has a very slight orange/citrus tinge. It is very drinkable, as I had 3 the other night and wished I brought more to my friend's place.
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    Air Lock

    Definitely sounds like your wort is too hot when you're pitching/sealing.
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    First time brewing - slight disaster

    Just because the airlock has stopped bubbling, doesn't mean that fermentation has stopped. Example: when I moved my porter from primary to secondary after 10 days, the airlock had stopped bubbling after the 4th day, but you could see active fermentation going on when I popped the lid. (Shouldve...