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    My beer is all cloudy ??

    Hi all ive just done a coppers european lager with 1.5 kg of liquid malt extract my OG was 1.048 and FG was 1.015 it appears to be cloudy enough but is this normal as its so early ? It says leave in bottle for at least 12 weeks so will it clear out ? Thanks
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    Coopers european lager

    After my first brew was a success im doing another one . I got a 1.7kg tin of coopers european lager from a freind and just wondering what else i need to add and how much ? Also some quick guidlines would be appreciated !
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    Quick question am i in the clear ?

    Ok so my fermentation has stabilized over the past few day so ive added a carbonation drop and bottled 1 beer . I left it overnight and thankfully there were no explosions ! So is it safe at this point to bottle the rest of my batch ?
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    Is my beer ruined ?

    Hey im brewing for the first time and ive noticed a greyish creamy substance sitting at the bottom of my fermenter ? Is this normal ? Im doing a muntons golden ale and its been in the bucket 15 days and fermentation seems to have stopped although my hydrometer readings are off ?