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    Speidel Thermowell

    I wanted to add a thermowell to my Speidel Fermenter, but couldn't figure out how. It finally occurred to me...just run it through a grommet. A 39 cent grommet from the hardware store worked like a charm!
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    Nottingham Dry Yeast. 2 packs??

    My mistake...Mr. Malty indicates 1 pack, Brewer's Friend...2.
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    Nottingham Dry Yeast. 2 packs??

    Just offering a different point of view. If you use a calculator like Mr. Malty, or the one on Brewer's Friend, they'll indicate you use two packs for a 1.050 wort. Will one work? Yes, but dry yeast is pretty inexpensive. I routinely use 2 packs of ale yeast at 1.050 and above.
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    Don't Rehydrate Dry, and Don't Aerate Liquid Yeast?

    Has this video been discussed here? Thoughts?
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    O2 absorbing threads

    I wouldn't argue against waxing bottle tops, but I thought you might be interested to hear my experience. I have a small collection of bottled beer that comes from my early brewing days. Some bottles are close to 18 years old. Every now and then I open one. I've found these old beers to be...
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    OYL-052 and diacetyl

    Thanks Azura. I'll give it a try!
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    OYL-052 and diacetyl

    Thanks Etchy
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    Bru'n Water, alkalinity, BIAB...

    Do you realize that you need to enter mineral additions to match your desired water profile, and then also enter acid values if pH is too high? Those values aren't automatically generated by the spreadsheet.
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    OYL-052 and diacetyl

    I'm thinking about using OYL-052 for an IPA, but have a concern. The Omega folks indicate this yeast "May produce some diacetyl". Has anyone run into this? Will lower fermentation temps (e.g. 65-66) prevent diacetyl? Do you ramp up to low 70's toward the end of fermentation? Thanks.
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    Hop Spider Questions

    I've used a hop spider with a nylon bag, and have also tried a stainless steel one. Both worked fine...mostly. I have two questions though. 1. Do hop spiders reduce IBU's/flavor, particularly for late additions? 2. What's the best way to handle the wort in the hop spider at the end of the...
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    Stained BIAB Bag

    After emptying the bag, I immediately give it a quick wash in the kitchen sink with dish washing liquid. I rinse well and hang it up to dry. Once dry I give it a shake to get rid of any little bits of dry grain. That's it. It is a bit stained, but not bad. Like others have said, the color...
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    Star-San dillution tip

    I use Starsan in a spray bottle at times, but mostly I use it in a couple gallons of water that I use to sanitize my fermenter. That solution then goes into a bucket where I soak hoses, airlock, stirring spoon etc. don't you folks use Starsan as a soaking solution?
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    Adding Cold Steep Liquid

    Many dark grains don't need to be mashed. It's thought that a cold steep decreases the chance of picking up astringent flavors. This is just what I've read....I've had no experience with it yet.
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    Adding Cold Steep Liquid

    I plan to do an overnight cold steep with 5 oz. of Chocolate Malt, and then add that liquid during the last few minutes of the boil (5 gal. Batch). I know that pH generally drops a bit at each stage of the brewing process (mash, boil, fermentation). I assume that adding the steep liquid will...
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    Interesting Article on Hop Flavor & Aroma It's an interesting read. One question though...would waiting 90 minutes after flameout to begin chilling pose a risk in homebrewing? At what temps do we...
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    Quick Bru'nWater Question

    This stuff makes my head hurt. OK, I got my initial SG with a plain old hydrometer. I then used your procedure and found that 10ml of solution weighs 10.69 grams. The figure I should use in the spreadsheet, then, is 1.069? Thank you for the help!
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    Quick Bru'nWater Question

    I'm trying to use a Calcium Chloride solution for the first time and want to make sure I have this right. My solution has a measured SG of 1.090. According to Bru'nWater's calculator, this equals 9.9 %w/w. On the adjustment summary page, it indicates I need 14 grams of solution for 8 gallons...
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    Add grain to bag then into water? Or bag into water then grain?

    I've always put the bag in first, then added grains. Now I see that some of the LODO folks lower the full bag slowly into strike water in an attempt to minimize the oxygen added at this point in the process. It simulates "underletting" some brewers use. I might give it a try.
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    Interesting German Brewing PDF

    I'm starting similar LoDO practices, but haven't tried yeast/dextrose in my strike water as yet. Can someone tell me how much should be used, and what sort of timeframe prior to heating is recommended?