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    My shamelessly cheap $12 DIY stir plate

    when I hook up my pot and turn it slow its starts to smoke whats wrong
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    My Stirplate... Cheap and Easy Build...

    Will any size fan work I have a like a two inch it seems to run fast enough. Trying to make it a inexpensive as possible...
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    Over aggressive fermentation

    No temp control in basement between 60-65 degrees so i think that should be ok Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
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    Over aggressive fermentation

    I have just brewed a IPA and I wasn't getting any action in my carboy so I repitched with dry yeast now its going crazy bubbled out the air lock so I pulled the airlock. Not a good idea took a beer shower put in a blow off tube . Its been three days now of crazy action going on . :ban:
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    OG is Too High. Trying to figure out why & if I can "fix" it

    I just made a IPA where the OG is 1.090 way high I added 2 1/2 gallonns of water after boil to get my 5 gallons is this gonn be ok... Recipe 9.75 lbs lme 1 lbs american crystal 80l and 1 lbs cane sugar did the sugar boost it that high. was supposed to be 1.076 on the high end... A friend...
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    Over carbonated or what

    I used what the recipe called for caps are not blowing off but when I open a bottle 75% foams out. Will it calm down with age if I let it sit for a couple of months....
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    Over carbonated or what

    I used 5.oz of priming sugar but I dont think it mixed good enough not all bottles are gushing mostly the first 12 or so....
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    Over carbonated or what

    Primed with priming sugar not sure on amount but what it called for. Thinking maybe it didnt mix well enough
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    Over carbonated or what

    It wad an ipa. 1.054. Final 1.010. 5 gal
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    Over carbonated or what

    Used the correct amount of sugar fermented for 4 weeks then bottled
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    Over carbonated or what

    There is quite a bit of trub in my bottles. When i open a bottle the beer just foams out after i open it after about 5 seconds. You can just watch it start bubbling then explode out. Whats going on been in bottles for 4 weeks.
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    Large head

    The beer was carbonated with priming sugar.
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    Large head

    Now when i open a beer it all foams out. What the heck is going on.
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    Large head

    carbed for 3 weeks has been in fridge long enough to get cold
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    Large head

    Why did the head on on my IPA turn out so thick ..When I pour its about 3 inches tall and thick...sorta wierd
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    Hydrometer readings

    Forgot to take a OG reading Damn Guess I will never know abv now....:(
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    I bottled my beer 1 week ago popped one open today ..Huge head looks great but bubbleing like a mad man in the glass. Never seen a beer bubble so much..retains head for ever.. Looks like I did good... :ban:
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    Final Gravity

    I aerated before pitching is that ok...
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    So what are the cool kids dry hopping with these days?

    I have never dry hopped my recipe says dry hop 7 days is that 7 days left or 7 days into fementation.
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    Fermentation Time

    Mine stopped bubbiling after 24 hrs it was going pretty good now it has stopped. Guess we will just wait and see....:(:confused: