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    Unknown Cone Problem

    I'm having some issues with cones turning brown from either disease/fungus or pests, any ideas what this could be or what I might try to halt its spread? These are just picked cones from my Columbus and Nugget. On the remaining plants it seem to be very few cones but I haven't noticed any...
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    issues...still okay to spray?

    My hops are mostly 2-4 years old, lots early growth but I'm seeing currently getting pests, leafhoppers, a few Japanese beetles and caterpillars and lots of spiders although I haven't been able to see spider mites but maybe I don't know what I'm looking for (tried pulling some leafs and looking...
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    timing of spray for downy mildew

    I'm looking for reccomendations on techniques and timing for spraying. We have the following weather coming, it's lots of showers without many rain free days. Should I target spraying before the rain (today/tomorrow) and again after the rain? I was hit with some downy last year but...
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    browned hops (disease, pests, water?) are they usable?

    I believe I have downy mildew issues which I have battled all season, I've been cutting the infected looking shoots off and spraying copper a few times but the yard seems to have been pretty well devastated over the last few weeks. I am not sure if the browing is due to downy, water or...
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    Downy Mildew?

    I'm in my third year for some plants and 2nd year for about half the plants, this year the challenge might not be critters but mildew. Centennnial was the first to surpass the 18+ foot height yesterday with many more to follow soon. I have chinook, centennial, columbus, cascade, northern...
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    browning bottom leafs

    Can anyone help identify what is happening with leafs on my hops, they are about 6-7 foot now and this is from the bottom leafs on the plant. I didn't see and bugs (correction I just spotted one super small red spider mite?) on one of them. The condition seems like it's only affecting the...
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    help w/leafs curling downward

    My hops seem to have many curling leaves mostly from 1/3 of the way up and higher. I water regularily and put some 3-10-3 fertlizer on them about 2 weeks ago but the curling was already happening. It seems to be affecting most of my 36 hop plants (several varieties) the 2nd year plants are...
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    running hop line to steel cable

    This is year two of hop growing for me, last year didn't yield anything but this year I am creating a new setup and I am running a steel wire about 100' between two tree's, about 60 foot is probably open (not shaded) for hop growing. I anticipate the wire to be 18-20 foot above the ground. I...
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    attaching hops to line or stakes?

    It's my first time trying to grow hops, I have about 10 mounds of hops all going to a commmon horizontal anchor line about 18 feet off the ground and about 25 feet in distance from the hop base. For my environment I had to make the lines run up at about 45 degrees from their base instead of...
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    sears 8.8 black one day sale $251

    I've been wanting to get one of these for a while, they look awesome from the builds I have seen with the black exterior. I believe it will hold 4 five gallon kegs on the floor and 2 on the hump...
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    Wanted 55 gallon brew kettle

    Message me if anyone has anything... thanks!