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    Applied to UC-Davis

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    Applied to UC-Davis

    So, some of y'all might know that I'm studying music @ Indiana University... but there's a good chance I'm going to transfer assuming I get accepted - just submitted my application to UC-davis the other day! So I still have to practice 4 hrs / day until I get my acceptance letter (&) but I might...
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    geek question involving alpha acids

    OK, so I was under the impression that alpha acids were hydrophobic, and had to isomerize in order to dissolve into water... does this sound familiar? On p 64 of the Homebrewer's Companion Papazian says "Recall that alpha acids must be dissolved before they can become isomerized and affect...
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    your "library"

    I'm sittin here reading Radical Brewing and I was wondering what all books you guys (and girls?) have read or are reading. I'm workin with: new complete joy of homebrewing homebrewer's companion brewchem 101 brewware radical brewing designing great beerss and a bunch of old BYOs and...
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    Busy day - no brewing

    I just finished a couple hrs of work - bottling my Vanilla Cream Ale (tastes great) and racking my Black Currant Belgian Wit to tertiary & off the fruit. It had been on the fruit for over 2 weeks, which I know is bad, but I couldn't taste any astringency and lemme just say Holy F***ing S(**...
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    Well, I'm about to get into kegging, and I'm not about to drop the investment to start canning, but I was wondering if anyone on here is doing this. Is it expensive? I haven't read any literature on it but I'm sure it's possible. Holla back
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    the "quaff"

    OK, so my friend told me his dad's so-called proper method of drinking beer. And it goes a-somethin' like this: 4 Large gulps. (or maybe a couple more.) He calls it the quaff. Supposedly this is the most thorough way to get the flavor. Seems a little excessive to me - although I'll be...
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    2 brews @ once!

    ... a maple pumpkin ale and a belgian wit that's gonna get a big ol' bag of blackcurrants in the secondary. For the wit, we slightly altered the Belgian White men can't jump ale from a recipe book. We left out the coriander but kept the orange zest, and added a lb of maltodextrin for some more...
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    How old were you when you started?

    I saw this other post and it got me thinking - how old was everyone when they started? I'm 19, which is pretty young, but I'm sure there are others on here younger than me. I know it's a touchy topic for some people - and I just can't wait until I turn 21 so I can actually taste my beer instead...
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    Tertiary fermentation - effects on color?

    I've got an Irish Red sittin' in secondary that I've been planning on bottling this weekend. It's a little dark - definitely due in part to the concentrated boil - and my friend suggested that it might lighten up given a week or two in tertiary. Any suggestions?
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    Flaked rice

    So, the other day I brewed this corona clone, which called for a couple lbs of flaked rice. I boiled 2 gallons (I'd like to do a full boil, but what can you do? my kettle's small.) Anyway, much of the result looked almost like applesauce. Is this because of the rice? I'd never used it before...
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    The case of the missing beer

    So last night I'm installing some carpet down in my room (the last carpet was messed up & I had to freshen my room up) and I set my Pilsner Urquell down on the washing machine. My roommates & one of my buddies were helping me lay it down and everything went well - until I went for my drink when...
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    aging & temperature

    OK, so I have a bunch of beer doin it's thing in my basement. And I have a mini fridge. So I'm wondering - would the lower temperatures affect how the beer ages? Will it age better at room temperature? Quality answers, quality people. Thanks
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    Fermenting in growlers??

    I was thinkin, I just broke out some of my so-called belgian wit, but it tastes more like a weizen-style beer. So I want to try another batch but break it up into several different boils with variables like how much orange peel/coriander, hops, dme, etc etc. Does anyone know if I can just throw...
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    American Wheat

    yo, I'm feenin' for somethin along the lines of Sam Adams' Summer Ale. I got a sixer the other day and it's pretty much what I'm feelin' for the summertime. Does anyone have a kickass American Wheat recipe (I'm 99% sure that's what the bottle said that it was) along the same lines? Thanks - I'm...
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    Yet another stuck fermentation question

    ite, so either my beer has finished fermenting in 3 days, or I have a stuck fermentation on my hands. Lemme describe what it looks like - there is little to no krausen on top, and it bubbles approximately once every 20 seconds. It looks just like finished beer to me, and the fermentation was...
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    Real Deal kegging

    I have a dream... and the dream is this: 2 or 3 or 5 kegs of homebrew. :eek: Real kegs - not just the cornelius. How can I make this happen? I have a big party house with 4 friends and Nothing, would, be , cooler. It wouldn't just be a block party - it would be parinirvana. But I have a sinking...
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    DME has to be the stickiest sh*t I've ever seen

    My spoon is covered in it, and it doesn't wanna come off lol. (Couldn't find the charismatic wooden one so I had to go with the stainless steel.) I suppose the best way to avoid this would be to clean up my mess before it dries, but does anyone know any tips for this sort of thing? Thanks
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    Lessons being learned here

    #1: pay attention when brewing lol. I was breaking my new batch of wit up into two boils, because I have 2 small kettles but not a big one. So, I get a nice rolling boil and without thinking, I dump all of my DME and honey right into the pot. (I was supposed to add half of my ingredients.) I...
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    not enough pot!

    So can I split my partial-mash recipe down the middle, spend all day brewing 2 batches, put 'em together, wait for them to cool then pitch the yeast? I'm tryin to go all grain but I need to wait for a new credit card to arrive so I can get a larger kettle :D