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    Cloudy and stuck

    5 gal, 6lbs extract, 0.5lb 2-row mashed with 0.5lb Honey Malt, steeped for 30 min at 155 - 165ish. SF05 Pitched yeast at 75 degrees. 2 weeks at 65. Normally, my beer is 1.010 - 1.013 and crystal clear. Now it is super cloudy like Georgia clay mixed in water, and sitting at 1.020. No...
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    Secondary too early?

    Not to debate, but I prefer to do a secondary. This batch is taking its time. Air lock bubbling for 12 days now. Still bubbling. I want to secondary it and dry hop, and then (hopefully) cold crash for a couple of days. I need this to be ready, fully sugar carbed, by March 24, and I...
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    OG - Here's a new one for me. Where's the malt?

    Been brewing for 3 years, always extract or partial mash. Tonight I did a partial mash. I call it an XIPA, not quite a IIPA, but a strong IPA. I did the usual, steeped 1.5lbs of specialty grains, boil 2G, put 3LB LME in at start of boil. At the end of the boil, I took the pot off of the...
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    Under carbed

    My Deez Nuts Brown Ale is under carbed. I let it set another week, no change. If I pour it quickly, I will get a soapy head for a minute, but it fizzles away quickly and looks like maple syrup and tastes a little flat. Could I open and put a little sugar in each bottle and re-cap? How...
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    Can someone post the diameter and height of the cannonball 1.75G kettle? Thanks.
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    nylon hop bag

    For dry hopping, so not boiled. What's the best way to sterilize?
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    Maximizing Ferm Chamber

    Is it ok to let the beer ferment for 1 week at an ideal temperature, then move it to room temp for the rest of the process simply so I have the ferm chamber ready for a new brew 1 week after making the first brew? Or is one week at ideal temp not enough and risks off flavors?
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    Maris Otter

    I just tried an experiment brew. Used Muntons Maris Otter Light, and only did a 15 minute boil. I am extremely surprised at the color. Dark. Between a red and a brown ale. I completely expected a light ale similar to my other 5SRM extract brews. Especially with the short boil. Thoughts?
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    15 minute test sludge

    I just tried a 15 minute extract boil in hopes to see what late addition hops do. I put 0.5 oz hops at 15 and 1.5 at 5. so lots and very late. After the wort chill, when i dumped out the brew pot, there was a LOT of green cakey sludge. I mean a LOT. I have seen cold break before but not...
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    malts to extract

    Is this correct? An AG recipe calls for 2lbs munich. Beer smith estmated lme = ag x .75. So 2 x .75 = 1.5lbs munich lme. However Briess munich is 50% munich 50% base. So I would really need 3lbs munich lme to equal the 2lbs of grains? That just does not sound correct. Half of my lme...
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    Pilsen LME

    My last few brews I have used Pilsen instead of xtra light.... very happy with the results, even though the text books say Pilsen is for Pilsners, and only Pilsners. Sometimes I haven't even steeped any grains. Very clean. Very clear. The hops are very prominent, even at 20IBU-ish they...
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    15 minute brew

    I am contemplating an experiment. 4 times the hops, 15 minute boil, obviously all extract. Anyone ever try anything like this? Mathematically it should have the same bitterness, but tons of aroma.
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    Aroma addition

    What difference would you notice if you dry hopped 2 ounces of pellets versus adding them in the last minute of the boil?
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    Extract Additions

    Extract does not need to be boiled, so why not just boil hops, and add all extract at flameout? What is the minimum you should add to the boil on a 2g partial boil for a 5g batch?
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    Mixing Extracts

    I was thinking about making a black IPA, however I was going to experiment with extracts. For example, maybye 1.5 lbs of dark lme with 5lbs XLite.. or something along those lines. Thoughts?
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    I am going to brew a dry chocolate stout. I have unsweetened cocoa power and a 4 oz bag of chocolate "nibs" or whatever they are called. Which do you recommend that I use, and how much? When should I add it?
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    Secondary timing

    I am going to go ahead and rack to a secondary for this brew. The reason: I sugar carb in mini kegs, and ever racking befire filling the kegs, I get huge yeast cakes on the bottom that affect taste, and make the first few beers cloudy. So, I am not sure the best order. My plan is after FG...
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    Kolsch yeast

    I would love to make a Kolsch, but my last attemp was a horrible cloudy bready mess. My worst brew ever. Everyone says that Kolsch yeast needs to be cold conditions for a long time. I only conditioned for about a week, but I left the bottles in the fridge for MONTHS, and it never cleared...
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    I brewed an APA that has very small little particles floating in it. They look like very fine yeast particles, smaller than a pencil dot. The beer is otherwise perfectly clear. No matter how long I store the beer, cold or warm, thd floaties stay suspended. I have had some chilling for...
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    Succession of follies - First Partial mash

    First I winged it and did my best to keep the temp 150F. Then I wasn't sure how to sparge, so I put the grain bags ina bowl with half gallong of tap water and squished a round, and sqeezed. Then after the boild and wort cooling, I dropped a spoon in gthe bucked. Leave it? Nope. Sprayed my...