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    Danstar Munich Classic or Danstar Munich

    Hello all. I am planning to brew a wheat beer. The only yeast brand I can get now is Danstar. And it has 2 types of yeast for wheat beer. Munich and Munich Classic. Does anyone know the difference between these 2 ones? Which one should I choose?
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    Is this the right hydrometer to calculate abv?

    Hi everyone, I know that the question is silly but the numbers on the hydrometer confused me a little. As far as I know, the numbers on hydrometer go like 1.000 - 10 - 20 - 30 - 40... But it's a little different on the hydrometer I have. I am adding the links for the images of it. So, the...
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    Will I Be Able To Brew Without Any Problem?

    Hello, I brewed a Muntons lager kit today. You know, it comes with an ale yeast and between 18-24 C is ok for it. But the problem is that it's too hot here right now and my temperature was around 30 C at the begining. I put my bucket in cold water and I am using a towel. I managed to decrease...
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    One Step Sanitizer (Or Not?)

    Hello, I've been using Mr.Beer kit and it always included One Step sanitizer (It's not written on the pack but I guess it's One Step, right?) I just red that One Step is not classified as a sanitizer by FDA anymore. So, I've never used any other sanitizers like StarSan or so. And One Step...
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    Brewing with or without enhancer

    Hello, This is my second topic on this forum. As I said on my first message, I am quite new at brewing. So, there's something confuses me and I want learn about it. That's why I want to ask experienced brewers here. I'll brew my new beer by using Gozdawa liquid hopped malt extract. And...
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    About Malt Extract

    Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first post. I am also quite new at homebrewing. I'd like to ask sth to the people here who are much more experienced at homebrewing than me. I am talking to a supplier and he has 2 kinds of malt extract. And he says that with the one of them...