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    Honey - Chocolate Stout review/help/modifications please.. ?

    Brew Name: BFP Honey Stout Brew Type: Partial Mash Style: Stout Brewer: Khyber Batch Size: 7.00 gal Boil Time: 60 min Ingredients Amount Item Type % or IBU 8.00 lb Amber Liquid Extract [Boil for 15 min] 2.00 lb Oats, Flaked (1.0 SRM) Grain 12.43 % 2.00 lb Pale Malt (2 Row) (3.0 SRM) Grain 12.43...
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    Bottling question- Critique my steps please?

    Plan: Step 1) Soak bottles in oxyclean and water solution for a couple hours, scrubbing insides with brush if necessary Step 2) Rinse bottles and run through dishwasher with no soap or cleanser or jet dry, to get the sanitize setting Step 3) put saran wrap over tops of bottles Step 4)...
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    Amazing how people get on board

    You guys ROCK. Been amazingly helpful every step of the way. My brewing buddy and I brew at his work.. a high end used car dealership (BMW, Volvos, Minis).. we have lots of room and plenty of access to equipment. We could even put the brew pot on a forklift and get it way in the air if we...
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    my big fat mouth

    The place where my buddy and I brew is his at business.. its a nice used car lot and mechanic shop. We have plenty of room and a good kitchen to use, .. and anyhow.. we are on our second brew.. and the boss says 'hey.. if i get you a keg.. can you make a keg of something for the Christmas...
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    2nd brew: oatmeal stout

    Default we went with: 1lb munich 20/bonlander 6 oz roasted 6 oz choc. malt 1lb oats steeped for 1 hr in 165* then rinsed with 170* - 2 gals and brought full volume up to 7 gals then added 6.6 lbs of light extract and 3lbs DME boiled 1 hr added 2oz bittering hops (cluster) 15...
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    n00b starter

    I made a 1 gallon batch of apfelwine.. and had grabbed the pack of champagne yeast instead of the wine yeast.. but.. used it anyhow cause i was curious. anyhow.. had 1/8 a tsp or so still in the packet.. so i tossed it in a sterilzed wine bottle with some apple juice and sugar.. will it make a...
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    apfelwine attempt

    Yeah, i know i'm not supposed to use cane sugar .. but its what i had.. and i screwed up and grabbed the champagne yeast instead of the wine yeast out of the fridge at the LHBS. but.. its the gallon glass jug of applejuice from whole foods. and i have a stopper to fit it.. so i proportioned...
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    grolsch bottle failure

    Used two Grolsch bottles in the mix for the n00b's scorched red ale - 3.5 weeks of carbing, using carb tabs.. and refrigerated for 3 days.. and popped the tops.. and.. Flat. no carb at all. I used the original gaskets, but sterilized them and turned them over.. I'm guessing that's really not...
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    Oatmeal Stout?

    Anyone here ever done an extract Oatmeal Stout? If so, would you care to share the recipe with me? I'll have to scale it up to 7.5 gallons for the size of my carboy, but please share if you have one.
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    Carbonation issues?

    I know.. i know.. wait 3 weeks. I didnt. I opened one at a week and a half, warm, and tried it. It was FLAT. We carbonated a week and a half ago with carb tabs. Rinsed the bottles with star san (new bottles), then put the beer in and the lids on. Now, it wasnt cold, and it wasnt 3...
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    Beer # 2 and 3, recipe advice

    Ok.. my n00b's scorched red ale is in the bottles, with two and a half weeks to go before I pop one to sample the goodness. The carboys are being soaked, and will be cleaned this week. (we have four). My brewing partner and I differ a bit on what we prefer to drink. He likes lighter colored...
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    Malkore's Mead help

    Making a Mr. Beer full of this currently. (first attempt at mead making) I didn't have my hydrometer at home when I pitched the yeast (used the sweet mead smack pack), and it seemed to take a while to get cranked up. Did this Saturday. Recipe was 2 gallons of water, 5 pounds of clover honey...
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    Amount of sugar in bottles

    The amount of beer we have is closer to the 6.5 gallon mark than the 5 gallon mark. Should I scale up the amount of sugar that I use for bottling? Would cane sugar work as well?
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    Honey suppliers

    Most of the honey available near me is wildflower, and i hear that takes a lot longer to clear than orange blossom. The cheapest i have found enough honey for an 7.5 gallon batch (the size of our carboy) is for me to buy 60 pounds for 150$ or so, online and sell the rest to the LHBS. Anyone...
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    So do i bottle?

    Been in secondary since Thursday, havent checked the S.G. but there is no activity in the airlock. (Carboy is stashed at a friends work place where they have plenty of room). So if there isn't any change, can i go ahead and bottle to prevent any further oxidation risk?
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    scorching issues?

    We made a 7 gallon batch tonite with a pretty good setup, two containers of amber extract and one of a light extract (goal was sort of a red ale) - but noticed when we transferred to the fermenter we saw that there was a scorched spot on the bottom - we didnt remove fully from the heat when we...
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    Newbie with large carboy - need recipe help

    We got a really good deal on some 7.5 gallon carboys, which take us out of the area of most 'kits' for our first brew. Does anyone have a good recipe for something simple (we were thinking 'red ale') for our first brew that has this kind of volume? Thanks for helping. Charles