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    How critical is Sparge Temp

    For all the all-grain brewers more experienced than me, I have a question. How critical is the temp of the sparge water? As I understand it the sparge serves several functions. Rinsing out as much of the fermentables as possible, fixing the flavor profile by killing off the amylase enzyme among...
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    American Stout Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Porter Clone

    Grain Bill - 11.75lbs 7lbs Maris Otter Pale Malt 1lb Briess Flake Oats 1lb Briess Roasted Barley 12oz Crystal/Caramel 60L 12oz Briess Chocolate 10oz Dingmans Munich 8oz Briess Flaked Barley 90 Minute Mash Time .5tsp Amylase Enzyme @ 90min after infusing grains. Hops .3oz Magnum...
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    Advice on a recipe

    A couple weeks ago a cousin gave me a bottle of Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanutbuttercup Porter. This really got me thinking. I'd like to do a Chocolate Covered Pretzel Porter. My main concern is how do I get the pretzel flavor into the wort? I would use unsalted pretzels, break them into...
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    Pat McCabe Graf

    Even though Graf is kind of a beer, it's still technically a carbonated hard cider . . . I think. I was at one of my local shops, and they had Graf on one of their sample taps. It was brewed by Pat McCabe who works at the store. Wow ! ! ! A week or so later I...
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    British Brown Ale Snowfall Pub Ale

    I got this recipe from one of my local shops, although they call it an English Pub Ale 8.5lbs Munton's Maris Otter .5lbs Thomas Fawcett Crystal 45L .25lbs Hugh Baird Crystal 15L .125lbs Hugh Baid Crystal 130L 1oz Pilgrim - 10.5%AA @60min .5oz Pilgrim -...
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    Over-pitching yeast?

    So being new to all-grain brewing and preferring heavier beers I began making yeast starters. I plug the numbers into BeerSmith2 and it tells me how many yeast cells I should be pitching. So I put it on the stir plate and away it goes. But realistically, I can't tell how many yeast cells I'm...
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    Recommendations for tomorrow's brew day

    So I'm trying my first all grain recipe that came completely out of my head. This is gonna be a BIG beer. 15lbs. of grain for a single 5 grain batch. 5lbs pale malt 5lbs Marris Otter pale malt 1lb Crystal 60L 1lb Crystal 120L 1lb 6-Row pale malt 1lb Briess Victory malt 1lb flaked oats...
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    Propane Tank Life

    So I recently moved to all grain BIAB outside on a propane Bayou Classic. On average, how many batches do you guys get from you 15lb propane tanks? I would hate to be in the middle of a boil and have the tank run dead.
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    Chocolate Raspberry Mead (First Mead Attempt)

    Hello All So after years of wanting to try it, I finally did it. This is my first attempt at making mead. 1.25 gallons water 2 lbs Clover Honey 1 lb Wildflower Honey 3.3 lbs Raspberry puree 4 oz. Cocoa Nibs 1 tsp Yeast Nutrient Wyeast 4184 O.G. 1.078 I'm thinking about a month...
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    Yeast Nutrient

    A quick question. When is the best time to add yeast nutrient to your home brew?
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    Substitute for Priming Sugar

    Looking at the packs of priming sure I've received in my kits, it appears to be powdered sugar. Being very new to home brewing, I just wanted to throw this out there to get a little confirmation. Is there something usable as a substitute for what comes in a kit? P.S. I think I read...
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    Advice needed on storing yeast

    So I just received an extract kit with a vial of White Labs liquid yeast. I'm assuming that since it was rubberbanded to a cold pack the yeast needs to be stored at temperatures below room temp. Unfortunately, I don't have a fermentation vessel free at the moment and it's going to be at...
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    Getting the best conversion

    I'm not even sure I'm at the right point in my brewing career to be asking this question. I've brewed a total of 2 batches in my life and I'm learning more and more every day. So on to my question. Both batches I've brewed were extract kits and they are really cloudy. I haven't seen any...
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    A couple newbie questions

    I racked my first ever batch 5 days ago, an English Brown Ale from an extract kit with specialty grains. I've noticed that the airlock is bubbling much slower now that it was at the start. Logically speaking, this should be normal. I was also wondering if it is possible to kick up the ABV...