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    How critical is Sparge Temp

    Thank you Sir ! ! ! ! I really appreciate your taking the time. When I fly sparge, I sparge till I have 7 gallons in my boil kettle. Simply because I loose 1.5 gallons during the boil. I don't sparge till I have a 1.010 gravity or a certain pH. I'm just looking to make it into the fermentor with...
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    How critical is Sparge Temp

    OK wow ! This is exactly what I was looking for!!! I almost always fly sparge and my water temps are 180F or maybe a little above that. If you would be willing, I would be terribly interested on the temp/pH/tannin relationship explanation. So basically I'm asking you to help me move to "the next...
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    How critical is Sparge Temp

    Fly sparging
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    How critical is Sparge Temp

    For all the all-grain brewers more experienced than me, I have a question. How critical is the temp of the sparge water? As I understand it the sparge serves several functions. Rinsing out as much of the fermentables as possible, fixing the flavor profile by killing off the amylase enzyme among...
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    American Stout Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Porter Clone

    Glad to hear it. Honestly, you won't be disappointed. One word of caution. If you bottle condition, like I do, this batch takes a full 2 weeks to carb up properly. The first time I made it I tried one around the 10 day mark and it was flat as a pancake. then at 14 days, it was just right.
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    American Stout Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Porter Clone

    My apologies! It is a 90 minute mash and a 90 minute boil. I'm not making excuses, but I was probably heavily appeasing the beer gods. :mug:
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    No Tricks Just Treats Halloween Inkbird Giveaway~

    I'm in and thank you very much !
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    American Stout Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Porter Clone

    It was one of the shortest lived batches of beer I have ever brewed. This poor poor batch of beer bravely sacrificed itself for the enjoyment of my friends and myself. It will not be forgotten, but it will be brewed again ! ! ! ! Yea . . . It was really really good ! :mug:
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    American Stout Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Porter Clone

    To speak to the question about questionable flavors. The flavoring I used is NOT labeled as an extract. But in the past I have used an extract in brewing a Dark Cherry Stout. That did have what I refer to as a chemical sort of taste to it that kind of lingered behind the overall taste of the...
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    American Stout Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Porter Clone

    I totally forgot the lactose. It seems my brain has been asleep the last few days. I probably need more :mug: ! ! ! Plus I added the amylase enzyme and the few times I've used that, it seems I get a higher OG than I normally would.
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    American Stout Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Porter Clone

    I use Beer Smith. I don't have any explanations as to how the OG got so high either. Beer Smith put it at something like 1.065. I'm just relating what my hydrometer read for both OG and FG.
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    American Stout Sweet Baby Jesus Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Porter Clone

    Grain Bill - 11.75lbs 7lbs Maris Otter Pale Malt 1lb Briess Flake Oats 1lb Briess Roasted Barley 12oz Crystal/Caramel 60L 12oz Briess Chocolate 10oz Dingmans Munich 8oz Briess Flaked Barley 90 Minute Mash Time .5tsp Amylase Enzyme @ 90min after infusing grains. Hops .3oz Magnum...
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    Double IPA Tits-Up Imperial IPA (3-Time Medalist - 2 Golds, 1 Silver)

    Let me start this by saying, "I don't like IPA's!" A good friend issued me a challenge without knowing it. He likes IPA's. So I took your recipe and using BeerSmith2 scaled it back to a 3 gallon batch. I mashed at 148F and then followed your recipe exactly. My friend is a big big fan of...
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    First AG GF Brewday Reviewed

    Thank you for this recipe and explicit instructions, including your crush sizes. I have a good friend that has a severe gluten allergy, but he LOVES a good beer. He always takes a small taste of my regular brews and really likes them. No I can surprise him with a couple cases just for him...
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    Diagnose this

    KILL IT ! ! ! ! ! Before it gets to the children ! ! ! !
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    Help diagnose a problem

    NOOOOOOO ! ! ! ! You only want the grains cracked so your mash water can get to the endosperm and dissolve the starches. Just pull the trigger and buy yourself a mill. Thats when the fun really starts!!! You can experiment with different crush sizes and see what it does. My wonderful little...
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    Red Ale is watery please help diagnose

    I'm going to add my stern agreement to The JadeDog's comment. I'd always heard of aging wine and liquor, but never beer. My 2nd batch was an extract batch that I COMPLETELY screwed up. I experimented and changed things in the recipe before I know what it would do. I couldn't taste anything but...
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    Please help diagnose my first AG brewing mistakes.

    Before I offer my .02, let me say this; Your the brewmaster so you really didn't make any mistakes. Ask yourself some simple questions. Do you like it? Yes! Would you brew it again? Judging by your own review I'd say the answer is also, Yes! So make some small changes and ENJOY ! What I would...
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    Do I need a starter?

    I brewed about a dozen batches, extract, BIAB and all-grain before I started making yeast starters and never had a problem. If you do decide to make a starter tonight, and let it run for 24 hours, you'll still have another 18 hours of chill time in the fridge before you brew. Yes you'll have...
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    Question about brew schedule

    Russ I use a 5 week process. 1 week in primary, 2 weeks in secondary and 2 week bottle conditioning. For my first batch I also racked my beer into a second carboy. But then someone here gave me some good information and good advice. Primary fermentation is usually done within that for week...