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  1. evanmars

    Slivers (or splinters)

    So, I was reading the thread about the Taint Injury and some of the comments made me think of this story. About a month ago, last Saturday in August, weekend before school started, my daughter was at a friend's house and got a sliver in her foot. Not too surprising, she never has learned, in...
  2. evanmars

    Dark Horse Nation on History Channel

    Nearby brewery getting its own series on the History Channel. This place is just about on my way home from work. It is always packed.
  3. evanmars

    Yet another vacuum sealer?

    I don't know if anybody has seen this or is interested, but here it is:
  4. evanmars

    My brewery setup

    Here is the layout of my next brewery setup:
  5. evanmars

    Battle Creek Michigan - Arcadia get together

    Met up with erictlupus at Arcadia brewpub on my last visit back to Battle Creek. (I'm on the right of the photo)
  6. evanmars

    Leaving immersion chiller in boil

    Any reason not to leave the immersion chiller in for the entire duration of the boil instead of putting it in during the last 10 to 15 minutes?
  7. evanmars

    Ale vs. Lager Yeast

    What is the difference between lager and ale yeasts? Not that one is top fermenting and one is bottom fermenting. What do they do differently, chemically? I was told this by Ray McNeill, but being totally inebriated by much good homebrew and microbrew, I can never remember...
  8. evanmars

    Yankee Ingenuity IX

    Time to start planning. Who's in? What dates should we shoot for? Who wants to host?
  9. evanmars

    Why good beer goes bad?
  10. evanmars

    Finally finished my grain mill

    Well, except for a hopper...
  11. evanmars

    Heading to Atlanta (Duluth) this week

    Going to be in the Atlanta area from Monday (3/24/08) night to Friday. Any good brewpubs in the area?
  12. evanmars

    I'll be in Rochester, NY area 3/4/08

    What would be a good brew pub in the area to visit? I'll be staying at the Holiday Inn Express on Ridge Road.
  13. evanmars

    Cisco Brewers - Whale Tale Pale Ale

    Has anybody tried this? Anybody have a recipe for it? Got a basket of Cisco Brewers beer second hand from my boss. They are located in Nantucket, Mass. Tried the Whale Tale Pale Ale tonight. I'm not a big fan of the super bitter, hoppy IPAs, so I wasn't too sure if I was going to care for...
  14. evanmars


    Damn, I remember when I was a kid, I had a nice unique name. Nobody else was named Evan. Then in college, way back in the '80's I met another Evan. Not too bad, but he was a friend of my roommate. Again, not too bad, my roomy could just call us by our first name and last initial. Problem...
  15. evanmars

    House Hunting

    Haven't had a lot of time for brewing lately. Been vacationing, working, and house hunting. I've seen some interesting houses. One I saw today would have been perfect, only it was waaaaay to big. It was an old farm house. The structure was in excellent condition. The only problem was...
  16. evanmars

    Happy Birthday to Me

    So, today is my birthday. I'll accept all brew equipment presents. Thank you very much. :mug:
  17. evanmars

    Anybody have a spare bed?

    I think I may need one when my wife finds out that I just bought 4 more cornies and a Ranco ETC-111000.:o
  18. evanmars

    Drip, drip, drip....

    Nothing like having one of your best brew days ever, hitting mash temp spot on, temp staying all hour, volume as planned. Then you put it into your keggle with your fancy new hop screen setup. Turning on the heat and then realizing that you forgot to put any thread seal on your valve:( ...
  19. evanmars

    Crap - I need more kegs

    I haven't even used the three I have yet, and I already am thinking about different thinkgs I'd like to make and have kegged.
  20. evanmars


    I love bourbon. Back when I didn't now there was any beer other than BMC, I thought I didn't like beer. But I liked rum, tequila, gin, whiskeys, etc., pretty much most hard liquors. I have never been much for shots, though I like to sip. I also like mixing. My favorite drink of all time is...