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  1. Auger

    Cloning Yuengling's Hershey Porter

    I'm going to take a try at cloning this, my wife really seems to like it. I haven't tried it yet (I guess that would be a good place to start). I was able to find a few clone recipes of Yuengling's basic porter (I have had that, but not for a long time, I'll have to try and find some). I'm...
  2. Auger

    Williamsburg, VA - anything beer-related worth checking out?

    I'll be traveling to Williamsburg the first week of Dec. Are there any breweries in the area worth looking into?
  3. Auger

    Connecticut Industrial touch-screen computer

    I have a NOS Allen-Bradley VersaView 1700P industrial computer with an integrated touch screen. I originally picked this up to use as a brewery computer with the intention of going automated electric. I've decided that's not happening (lack of time, and skills to implement) so time to clear...
  4. Auger

    Help with electric pump/VSD wiring

    This isn't strictly related to electric brewing but figured it's probably the best place to get a good answer. I was able to source some NOS industrial pumping equipment that I'm hoping to convert for brewing use. The problem is it's all 480V 3ph equipment (I obviously don't have this in my...
  5. Auger

    adding fresh elderberries

    I just harvested a bunch of elderberries, and I'd like to try them in a beer. I'm thinking either a weizen or saison would blend well with the berry flavor while allowing it to come through. The berries are currently frozen, my intent would be to rack onto the berries in secondary, I'm just...
  6. Auger

    chemex/pour over coffee filters - paper vs reusable

    Anyone use one of those stainless mesh filters vs. the standard folded filter paper ones? Pros/cons?
  7. Auger

    Spunding - two kegs, one valve

    I just brewed a 10gal batch of beer and I want to spund in kegs at the tail end of fermentation. I only have one spunding valve, however. I think - I can rack each fermenter into a keg, then jumper the Keg1 gas post into the Keg2 liquid post, then put the spunding valve on the keg2 gas post...
  8. Auger

    Traveling to Kentucky - anything I should look for?

    I'm driving from CT to Bowling Green, KY in a week. Is there any beers or a particular brewery in that area (or along the way) that I should keep an eye out for to try?
  9. Auger

    performing cereal mash a day early

    I'm brewing a KY Common in a few days and my recipe uses a few pounds of corn grits that are cereal mashed separately before being added to the main mash for the rest of the process. I'm planning on doing three different AG brews on Tuesday and I don't feel like spending a bunch of that time...
  10. Auger

    12 Beers of Christmas 2017

    Ok I'll volunteer to run it this year. Guidelines copied from last year: Here's the general concept: 12 different brewers will brew one of the 12 beers of Christmas found in Randy's Mosher's Radical Brewing. If you don't have the book, can't borrow it, etc., I can PM the recipe to you. Each...
  11. Auger


    This might be a stupid question, but I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work. I've always wanted to try krausening for carbonation, but I never have fresh wort available when I'm getting ready to keg, and have never bothered to work out the timing well enough to make it happen...
  12. Auger

    Pushing beer with 16g CO2 catridges

    There are a number of devices that allow a homebrewer to attach a small, threaded 16g CO2 catridge to a keg to push beer, without having to lug a larger tank and regulator around. Question - how many kegs can you push with one 16g cartridge? Anyone have experience with these gadgets?
  13. Auger

    In SoCal next week...will I find Pliny?

    I'm going to be in socal for a week visiting the in-laws, Simi Valley to be specific. I want to try and pick up some Pliny to bring back as gifts to the east coast. How difficult is this going to be? I found this: Nothing...
  14. Auger

    Suggestions for an interesting dryhop for a blonde

    I did a 10gal batch of kolsch which was split into two fermenters. I screwed up the dilution calculation on one (wasn't paying attention and diluted to pre-boil gravity instead of post-boil :smack: ). So, the lighter one tastes ok, no major or obvious flaws, but its just kind of meh. So my...
  15. Auger

    Beer near Wildwood, NJ

    I will be heading down to Wildwood for TROG in a few weeks. Anything beer-wise in that area that is worth checking out? Anything special available down there that I can't get here in CT? I know it's not that far away, so it might not be a big deal, but figured I'd ask.
  16. Auger

    Water adjustment for dark beers

    I've been getting a specific off-flavor in all of my stouts and porters, which I'm thinking is due to a drop in mash pH from using dark grains. I don't have a pH meter. I don't get this flavor at all in lighter beers, and have good success with bitters and kolsch brewing. I sent in a sample...
  17. Auger

    MDC water report

    For anyone who's interested, I got a Ward Labs water panel done on my water supply. I have city water through MDC, we're located in South Windsor if it makes a difference.
  18. Auger

    Anyone entering/attending OSHC in April?

    I just printed out my receipt, entering 4 different beers and planning on getting out there for the awards ceremony on 4/10. Anyone else entering or going?
  19. Auger

    Insulating a metal MLT

    My MLT is a stainless half-barrel keg, wrapped with the foil-coated bubble wrap type insulation. My problem is that with any outside heat (propane burner) applied to the tun, the insulation melts. Has anyone tried using rock wool as a fireproof/non-melting insulation?
  20. Auger

    Basement brewhouse build

    I've been brewing in an unfinished section of our basement since we bought our house about 3 years ago. There was no running water or sink/drainage nearby. I used to run a hose from a bibb near where the water comes in, and wash stuff in a slop sink that drained into a 5gal bucket, which I'd...