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  1. DrunkleJon

    Commercials/Advertisements that nailed it

    We might need one of these threads. Only time will tell. Just caught this on the TV and it made me laugh as most commercials no longer do. Whats your favorite commercial that just seemed to nail it.
  2. DrunkleJon

    Bacon = Bad for you

    I am sure everyone is well aware of how awesome Bacon is (and yes it is deserving of a capital B). Who would have thought that it is bad for you as well? Look at the wonderful news article saying processed and red meats are 'probably' carcinogenic...
  3. DrunkleJon

    Breaking into home roasting

    I have been tossing the idea of roasting my own beans around my head for a while now and finally decided to either buy the equipment now, or add it to my birthday/Christmas wish list. I am a brew a cup at a time coffee drinker and mainly have my morning cup at work. Was a die hard french...
  4. DrunkleJon

    Need a new smartphone

    Hey all, my smartphone is just about dead and I need to buy a new one. I currently have a almost 3 year old Samsung GS3 and its time to buy something new. My requirements are: Not an iPhone - sorry, I have used them, I am just incompatible with them. Android is my goto. Battery life - I...
  5. DrunkleJon

    Ashes from grill/smoker

    What do you all do with yours? Make sure they are cool and dump them somewhere in your yard? Do the same, bag them up and throw them in your garbage? Mix them with water and build a ash/mud fort? I use my woodstove a lot in the winter and smoke and grill with charcoal whenever I can and...
  6. DrunkleJon

    Really clogged diptube

    Okay, I am going to admit I did something really really stupid. I had the brilliant idea to "squeege" out the inside of a diptube with a chunk of paper towel and an unfolded coat hanger. I got it maybe 6 inches into the diptube before the paper towel chunk bunched up and became stuck. Then I...
  7. DrunkleJon

    Equipment purchase

    I know how everyone hates these questions, but I have about $2k of disposable income that I am thinking of spending on brewing equipment. I already have a large (25 G) BK, and a burner, a 10G MLT plus a 15G HLT. I have a chest freezer for a ferm chamber, as well as a kegging system. I make...
  8. DrunkleJon

    Police Car Chases

    Having watched this chase I wonder. What is it that spurs people to attempt to flee from police during the daylight hours on a major road thinking they will get away? Especially when the helicopter...
  9. DrunkleJon

    Going in on half of cow

    I think I have convinced my brother to go in with me on half of a cow. What cuts should I list as my preferred cuts? I'm not trying to screw him over our anything but figure that with my ability to sous vide(crock pot with temp controller and aquarium pump) and smoke(WSM Smokey Mountain 18.5) as...
  10. DrunkleJon


    I am seriously considering buying a conical fermenter. I would like to be able to brew 10 Gallon and maybe a possible 15 gallon (not necessary) batches in it. I like what I see in the sSS brewing temperature regulating upgrade but am a cheapass and like to DIY though I am not yet a welder. I...
  11. DrunkleJon

    Meet anyone - Who would you...?

    I have been throwing out those strange what if... style questions a bit recently with friends so figure I may as well throw a couple out here and see what comes up. If you could meet anyone, living or dead, at any point in their life, who would it be, and what would you do? Alternately...
  12. DrunkleJon

    Dreams - Take one, Leave one

    Ok, so I kinda got the funny things you have heard about beer thread off topic (as if it ever really stays on topic) talking about dreams. I am one of those weird types who rarely remembers his dreams. I kinda feel that I am missing out on something special. Then again when I do remember my...
  13. DrunkleJon

    Prepping for electric brewing

    I asked this in the electric brewing thread, but got no response. Maybe I can get an answer here. I am planning a kitchen renovation, and it is the room that leads on to the garage. Being that it is a deep garage and I can fit a car and a half in there, I am pondering possibly going...
  14. DrunkleJon

    Preparing for possibly going electric

    The background The question
  15. DrunkleJon

    Eh Whaa?

    We need an Eh, Whaa? thread. Somewhere to post things that really should not exist and make you say "Eh, Whaa?". Here is one. Crappily written article, but...
  16. DrunkleJon

    What beer should I pair with a pumpkin/sausage pasta dish?

    My girlfriend (recent acquisition) told me last night that she is trying out a new recipe and wanted to know if I wanted to try it with her. She asked if I could bring a beer that would go well with it. Unfortunately all I have to work with is that it is some sort of pasta dish with pumpkin...
  17. DrunkleJon

    DC Beer Week

    Hey all, Just in case you missed it this is DC Beer Week. The Washington City Paper has an article telling about some of the bars/events for the week. Check it out here. I think I will have...
  18. DrunkleJon

    Bulk fermenters

    So... I am thinking its time to do a bulk replacement of my fermenters. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get a deal on 6-10 fermenters? I have no probelem with buckets, Carboys, glass or plastic. I just do not want to sepend too much. My only real issue is my fermentation chamber...
  19. DrunkleJon

    Some people really need to rethink their life choices

    This guy is a prime example. Anyone have any amusing others to share?
  20. DrunkleJon

    What sort of brew would this be

    If you were to design a beer around this comic. What style would it be? I kind of like the name the F5 for a geeky beer.