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  1. piratefan

    Have 2 1/2 gallons of unfermented peach cider. What else do I need?

    Picked up a bunch of peach cider in SC recently, and I want to make a hard cider. Some alsay just add yeast, others advise diluting to 4 gallons first. Still others say I need to add peaches. What say you? I've never made a cider before, so I'm not good at educated guesses.
  2. piratefan

    Anyone install a LP tank at their house?

    Like the title says! My wife and I are considering doing the same and we have a few questions: 1) How long does a tank last when you are using just a gas fireplace and outside burners? 2) Was it worth it? We have a new electric water heater and an electric heat pump that isn't dying...
  3. piratefan

    All-grain Brewing Alone

    I have resisted going full all-grain because it seems to be a lot to do alone. Due to my schedule and that of my friends, we are not able to get together as often as we'd like to brew, so I usually end up just doing an extract batch after putting the kids to bed. I have an all-grain setup with...
  4. piratefan

    Drip Brewed Coffee & Flavor/Richness

    Say what you will about Starbucks, but I have grown to enjoy their coffee a lot. One of the things I like most is the "thickness" or richness of the coffee. Try as I might, though, I cannot produce a similar experience at home. I use regular coffee - nothing fancy - and half and half. It tastes...
  5. piratefan

    Kegging Belgian Dubbel

    I have a Belgian dubbel that's almost ready bottle, but I don't want to bottle - I'm lazy! Anyone ever keg one? What was the result?
  6. piratefan

    Having trouble driving participation in home brew club outside of Facebook.

    We have a relatively new home brew club in Raleigh with a lot of activity on the Facebook group. And we have a great core of about 7 people who come to all the meetings and help plan. Outside of that, though, I am having trouble turning that Facebook activity into real world action. What are...
  7. piratefan

    Raleigh Home Brewers Association Open Brew Day - Saturday 4/18 @ House of Hops

    The Raleigh Home Brewers Association will be hosting a brew day event at House Of Hops on Saturday 4/18 starting at 11. We will have 4-5 brews going at once - ranging from simple extract brews to more complicated all-grain concoctions. If you've ever had even a passing interest in brewing your...
  8. piratefan

    Raleigh Home Brewers Association Oaken Cup 2015

    The 2015 Raleigh Home Brewers Association "Oaken Cup" brewing competition starts February 2015 with dry stouts! Submissions will be taken on 2/21/15 starting at 2:30PM, with judging to commence at 3PM. The Oaken Cup brewing competition is a 4-round home brew contest in which participants are...
  9. piratefan

    How do you choose your hops? [DIPA extract]

    Trying to come up with a DIPA recipe with 4 hops and I want some input regarding how you guys come up with your hops additions? Currently thinking about Cluster, Cascade, Amarillo, and a hop to be named later. My reasons for each are very unscientific - what have I used before (Cascade...