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  1. jim4065

    Whirlpooling separate from the BK????

    I have a doubled and wavy 5500 watt horizontal element in the 15 gallon BK, and whirlpooling just isn't working out. A 4 inch "Tea Ball" doesn't hold in the disintegrated pellets, and they're clogging the plate chiller. Anyone else dealing with this? I thought about buying a 10 gallon AL pot and...
  2. jim4065

    Best Value in a Refractometer?

    I've decided to break down and buy one of these gadgets. Does money equate with quality here? I see that you can spend up to $300 or more - but I don't need the finest available. MoreBeer is running a sale with $15 off their $115 unit - but is it really good? I want ATC, but don't know what else...
  3. jim4065

    AHS Noble Pils

    I bought one of these AG kits a couple of weeks ago, then bought extra hops to make my first 10 gallon batch this week. Anyone else made it yet? The SA Noble Pils is my favorite beer (after SNPA) and I want to do everything possiple to have it turn out well. It will also be my first Lager and my...
  4. jim4065

    New Herms

    I finally got this to be functional and it's made two 5 gallon batches so far. Still has an annoying leak in the HLT, but the water is staying off the 4500 watt element, so it heats OK. That black box on top of the HLT hold a stir motor to keep the water moving around the HEX coil inside. The...
  5. jim4065

    Five Surgeons

    Five surgeons from big cities are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on. The first surgeon, from New York, says, "I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered." The second, from Chicago, responds, "Yeah, but you...
  6. jim4065

    Wort Oxygenation

    Is there any difference between the B3 $35 kit and the AHS $50 kit? Or the (gulp) $60 NB kit? Other than being in stock, I can't really see what you're getting with the more expensive kits - and shame on anyone who supplies a hose that's too short to reach to the bottom of a carboy! :(
  7. jim4065

    How to convert amps to other voltages?

    Side note: Got my 30 amp GFCI breaker installed today - Onward and Upward! Bought a case and a half of Noble Pils to celebrate. :ban: Now to my question. I'm wanting to have the Auber PID control one leg of the 220 volt power going to two different heater elements. I'll take the output from...
  8. jim4065

    Is anyone using a "Countdown Timer"?

    I'm in the middle to late stages of building an electric brewstand that uses 10 gallon coolers (like The Pol's) and I really want to include a "timer" or "alarm clock" to tell me when a step-mash stage is finished and to get on with the next. The device needs to be panel mounted, run on 110...
  9. jim4065

    I'm looking for the Lil' Sparky Hop Bag thread

    I'm looking for the Lil' Sparky Hop Bag thread, but all I can find is a picture in the Wiki. Is it somewhere else?
  10. jim4065

    Therminator versus Counterflow chillers

    There doesn't seem to be much difference in cost between a Therminator and the Convoluted counterflow chillers. Is the Blichman really harder to clean? It looks like it could be sterilized by baking as easily as the the counterflow could be sanitized by pumping star-san through it. Since the...
  11. jim4065

    WTB Greenlee 1&1/4" Chassis punch

    The one that I bought on ebay was a 1&3/8" in a 1&1/4" box. Lucky that I discovered it before IO punched my kettle. Anybody finished converting to electric with a now surplus punch set that they want to sell? Got one.
  12. jim4065

    Good deal on Aluminum 60 qt Pots

    Don't know if I'm supposed to post this type of thing here but I've been thinking of a bigger pot so that I could do a few 10 gallon batches. Anyway, this pot with free shipping normally runs about $105 - so the $88 seems pretty good. I know that it's not stainless, and not super high quality...
  13. jim4065

    I need an idea.

    Someone must have done this before, but I can't find it. My Rubbermaid HLT will have a vertical element in the middle and 1/2" OD SS 50 ft tubing coil around it for recirculating the wort from the MLT and also for cooling the wort from the BK. Most of this comes from The Pol, but his coil ends...
  14. jim4065

    What do you do with the spent grain?

    I've simply been throwing mine away, but all of this snow makes me wonder if it could be resurrected as birdseed? I saw that someone here feeds it to deer, but there are damn few deer near my house. Does it have enough nutritional value left to be worth feeding out? :confused:
  15. jim4065

    And the winner is............

  16. jim4065

    "Poor Mans" Electric System

    I've been wrestling with making a brewing stand and have finally decided on a single level with electric heating in the boil pot (heatsticks) and HLT (built-in element). I have both 120v GFCI and a single phase 240 volt circuit available. The MLT and HLT are both 10 gallon Rubbermaid coolers...
  17. jim4065

    What are you paying for Grolsch flip-tops?

    I ask because I see the empties selling for $1 here and on ebay. Add in freight and it gets ridiculous. My favorite liquor store sells four packs for $8.10 each. Figuring the beer to be easily worth a buck a bottle means I can have "new" empties for $1 each (including freight). The bottles...
  18. jim4065

    Sometimes ya gotta make hard decisions.

    This ain't one of 'em. I'm bottling some Cherry Stout and ran outta bottles - no longnecks, no bombers, and (of course) no flip-tops. What to do? What to do? Easy! I'll just empty a few out of the reefer to hold the new brew. So - it's been 30 minutes and 3 Hefe's later and I only need two or...
  19. jim4065

    Proper Storage of Apfelwein

    I have 5 gallons which are 3 days into the ferment and I'm thinking of starting another 6 gallons - juice is $2 a gallon on sale right now. My question is what to do with it after it stops fermenting. Is there any reason why it can't be bottled back into the same 1/2 gallon plastic jugs that...
  20. jim4065

    Stainless "Oxygen" Containers

    My local junkyard has a dumpster full of these things. They are about 20" from bottom to the beginning of the cone, maybe 18" in diameter (or a little more) and weigh from 15 to 30 pounds each. Do they look like kettle material? I would have to pay $1 per pound but they're all stainless and...