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    Standard Sanke tap in a Sanyo 4912

    I'd like to start supplementing my homebrews in the corny kegs with the occasional 1/6 commercial keg of beer. My question is will I have enough clearance in the fridge for a standard sanke tap like this one: or do I need a low profile tap like...
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    Spigot on turkey fryer pot

    I would like to install a spigot on a turkey fryer SS pot to drain the wort. I was wondering if there were any kits I could buy that would have the flange/spigot, etc to make this easy?
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    Improve the brew post fermentation?

    good thought, but my glass carboys were new so I just rinsed them out and let them sit with Iodophor in them for a while and then rinsed again (even though I guess you don't have to do that with Iodophor). So I'm guessing that's not where the "soapy" taste came from.
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    Improve the brew post fermentation?

    I just finished my first brew, an ordinary English Bitter kit from Northern Brewer. Went through the process (chronicled in it's glory here...) as spelled out and here 5 weeks later for the first real taste. It was definitely drinkable but definitely lacks body. It also is Very bitter and has an...
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    Using natural gas from home supply

    I was thinking of setting up a semi-permanent place to brew in my workshop in the basement. There is a natural gas line that used to be used for a dryer that is now just plugged. I was wondering if anyone here has set up a burner off of there home natural gas line and if so what hardware they...
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    Wort chiller "technology"

    I was curious if anyone knows what the "proprietary water turbulation technology" is on this wort chiller?