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  1. Brewboz

    I was gifted a cask now what do I do with it?

    So I was gifted this 5.4 gal cask. I hear it's used for making real ale! But I'm not really interested in making that. This weekend I'm going to be brewing ten gallons of stout at 7% abv. My question is can I split it and add honey to half to boost the alcohol content allow it to ferment dry...
  2. Brewboz

    Building a stout. I have a hope question

    Does willimett go good with German hallertau? Planning to use 1 oz. Of each at 60 min. 7lb pale 2lb flaked barely 1 lb roasted barely, 2. Oz carafa 3. Nottingham yeast Making a stout ;) thanks for the input and knowledge
  3. Brewboz

    Converting propain turkey fryer to natural gas?

    Hey so I have been think and planning and here are my thoughts. I am going to upgrade my turkey fryer burner (55,000) btu to natural gas. The ring you see with tape measure is about 8 3/4s. So the 23 tip jet burner (160,000) btu is 8" 3/4s as well. A tight fit I'd say.. So the smaller 10 tip jet...
  4. Brewboz

    Butter nut squash wine?

    So I started a garden this year and got way to many butternut squash to eat.. I mainly brew beer but thought it might be fun to turn them into wine? Anyone have any recipes for a 5 gallon batch??
  5. Brewboz

    I need knowledge from you. I pitched to high..

    I did an all grain blond ale tonight. Final gravity was .45 I chilled the wort but did not look,at the temp until I pitched and saw it was 90. I saw activity in the air lock withen 1 hour. I read about pitching at high temps causing off flavors so I dropped the whole fermenter into an ice bath...
  6. Brewboz

    Oil residue on top of beer/graff after racking to keg

    So yeah I cleaned my keg with soap and water. Rinsed very well then star san. then racked my graff into it and there was this residue on top of it.. I have brewed about 10-15 batches of different things and never noticed it. Before and while I racked into the keg i looked into the fermenter and...
  7. Brewboz

    What hops should I buy?

    Just about to do my first AG recipe. I have all the ingredients for it. Just the EASY BLOND ALE from (brewers friend) at first. I bought a 50# Bag of cargill 2 row pale so I do plan of course to make an assortment of 5 gallon batches. id like to buy a few 1b bags of hops at least three different...
  8. Brewboz

    Brewers best hop additions

    Hey there is recently bought a brewers best penutbutter brown ale extract kit. It came with three hop packets. How to I got about adding them? The instructions don't specify when or how much to use. I have here a picture of the instructions. Also the hops in these instructions are not the ones...