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  1. InfernoBrews


    Getting ready to tackle a Lambic .. Thinking Raspberry. I was looking for any info possible. Anyone who has tried it or knows anything about it. Just covering all corners before i start it. Make sure there isn't some sort of helpful knowledge out there i haven't read or seen yet. Cheers! Mike
  2. InfernoBrews

    Thoughts on Nugget & Summit Together

    Pondering on a Imperial IPA with Nugget and Summit.... Thoughts ? Opinions ? Cheers!
  3. InfernoBrews

    Dayton 1/2HP Motor

    Dunno if anyone Interested but I Have a Dayton 1/2HP Motor Model:3K772K I had it on a Motorized Mill, cracked about 50-60lb of grain with it. I had replaced it with a 3/4HP motor.. Because I Needed a little More Power. Also have a 1.5" Pully on it.. I just wanna get my money back.. its...
  4. InfernoBrews

    My Motorized MM3-2.0 Crushing Station..

    I recently Motorized a MM3-2.0 , and Built it Into a Table ultimately making a Neat Crushing Station on Wheels. [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG]
  5. InfernoBrews

    Designing a Table for my Grain Mill

    Was Looking for some ideas/Pictures on building a Table for my Grain Mill. I Pretty much have it planned but just making sure there is not a better idea floating around.
  6. InfernoBrews

    Favorite IPA Hops

    Was just curious what everyone's Favorite Hops are used in IPA's? I just made a new IPA (Low Pro IPA) recipe and have already made 3 batches of it,Used Citra. I can keep it on tap. Had to get a Custom Handle For it too.. So guess you could say i'm on a Citra Hop Kick right now!
  7. InfernoBrews

    Boil Kettle Screen/Filter

    So after posting about what people use in their boil kettles T-Screens, Bazooka, etc.. I ran to the local Stores looking for Scrubbie's. After five different stores with no luck i headed to the Hardware store went to the drain section and the strainers caught my eye.. So it cost me a total of...
  8. InfernoBrews

    Chocolate Wine....

    Looking for a Chocolate Wine recipe.. Any Help would be Great! Thanks In Advance!:mug:
  9. InfernoBrews

    Boil Kettle False Bottom,Bazooka,or What?

    So i was thinking and was just trying to see what anyone has used in thier keggle used for boiling.. False bottom? Bazooka? T Screen by Zymico (Which i understand is Out of Biss)? Post pics or whatever..
  10. InfernoBrews

    Two Tier Brew Rig Build!

    Ok I been posting under "Wood Frame Brutus RIMS Project" Thread.. But Decided to Just start a New on for this.. I Have worked on this Stand tor two evenings and one day now and this is where i am.. Feel Free to shoot questions and or Likes Dislikes I am always open for other views on things...
  11. InfernoBrews

    Mounting Propane Burners

    How far away from the bottom of the kettle should you mount Propane burners? I read around on the Net and Have found several diffrent answers.. These are the Burners I have..
  12. InfernoBrews

    Installing Valves,Bulkheads,thermometers ect..

    Talking to people and hearing all the differences i was bored so i figured i post to see what everyone else has done.. Question. How high from the bottom and or where have you placed your accessories (ball valves,sight tubes,thermometers) on your keggles? Do you prefer weld less or fixed...
  13. InfernoBrews

    Who Brewing Right Now?

    Ahh sitting here Brewing Figured i Would See who else Has something in the Works Today.. I am making a Chimay Red Ale.. Everything is on Point so far.. :rockin:
  14. InfernoBrews

    Havesting Question

    ok i am sure this is on here somewhere but i didnt see it.. Does anyone have a photo of what a Hop looks like when its ready to be Harvested? i have a boat load of Cascade and i think they are about due to come off but not sure..
  15. InfernoBrews

    Looking for a Few Clone Recipes

    Does anyone happe nto know of Clone recipes for Stone IPA,or East End IPA?? I have Sierra navada IPA Already.. but if anyone has another Ill Look.. Thanks In Advance. . . O and Extract is preferred if for a Friend .. But ill take AG too For Me if i like his!! :)
  16. InfernoBrews

    Ruddles Country Ale Clone Recipe

    I am Looking for a Ruddles Country Ale Clone.. Anyone have one or could point me towards one? Thanks
  17. InfernoBrews

    Liquid Yeast....

    So in another Thread there was White Labs Talk.. And this may have already been done but im doing it again cause I didnt see it anywhere. What Yeast do you use more of?
  18. InfernoBrews

    What to Brew Next?

    I want to Brew Tonight after work and have no idea what to make.. My list is just way to long of Up Next brews.... If you know what i mean... So i am Reaching out here for some help.. Some one help a BB (Brotha Brewer) out... LOL I Like anything only thing i dont wanna make is a IPA cause...
  19. InfernoBrews

    Water Preparation??

    Just Curious.. What kind of water or How do you prep/treat your water for brewing? Does anyone use campden tablets? I Filter..
  20. InfernoBrews

    Beer Tasting Event Near Pittsburgh

    Just thought i would share this info. for anyone Living in Pittsburgh or close to... Saturday July 11th 2009 Brew 2 DO "Beer Tasting Event" 3:00-8:00pm Rosedale Fire Hall- Verona Rd. Food Beverages and Fun Featuring:40+ Beers from all aound the World. Chance to win a 2009 Chevy...