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    DFH 60 min Hop Schedule

    I am about to embark on my first all grain batch which will be the 60 min and am curious about the hop schdule. The most popular recipe I have found calls for: 3/4 oz. - Warrior - 60-35 min. continuous 1/3 oz. - Simcoe - 35-25 min. continuous 3/4 oz. - Palisade - 25-0 min. continuous 1/2...
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    First Batch Anxiety

    I recently brewed my first bach of beer from a kit I got at a local home brewing shop and I think im having a bit of the first batch anxiety while waiting for it to finish. This batch consisted of the following: Double IPA 9lbs Light Dry Malt Extract 1lb Munich 1/2lb Maris Otter 1/2lb...